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Mehzal Tabs Remove the obesity of the body and slowly dissolves excess fat. Helps you in keeping you slim and trim. Removes toxin from the body and Helps your body to burn fat.

Mehzal Tabs has been used for centuries in South Asia as a traditional herbal remedy. This herbal concoction generates a concentrated liquid by distilling herbs and flowers in water. Typically, mehzal is consumed orally as a tonic or beverage.


Mehzal may provide liver protection from toxins and other harmful substances and may possess hepatoprotective properties.

Weight Loss and Other Medicinal Properties:

Mehzal is traditionally used for medicinal purposes, but its potential as a weight loss aid has attracted the most attention in recent years. The effect of Mehzal on weight loss has been studied through some of its ingredients, but there is limited scientific research on this product.

Side Effects:



2 to 3 Capsules two or three times a day with water or half Cup Arq Mehzal

Packing Size:

  • 60tabs


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