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Ajmal Detox Water is effective product for weight management. Regular use of this helps in burning fat which in turn reduces weight gradually. Ajmal Detox Water is a colourless transparent liquid formulated to maintain perfect body weight. It also reduces the cellulite of the skin and burn fatty acids in human body and in turn provides perfect body shape. It is a combination of natural herbs such as Mentha Arvensis that improves the physiological functions and shape up the human body. The taste of Detox Water is delicious and helps flush your body of toxins and increases your metabolism.


  • Helpful in reducing weight.
  • Removes toxins from human body.
  • Balancing the pH of the body.
  • Provides better digestive health.
  • Boosts immune function.
  • Improves mood.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Improves complexion.


The dosage is simple 4 spoons of Detox Water two times a day. Use at least 3 bottles a month for better results. Use maximum water & vegetables along with Ajmal Detox Water.


Podina Khushk (Mentha Arvensis)

Packing Size:

  • 800ml
Packing Size

28 reviews for Ajmal Detox Water | For Weight Loss

  1. Aleena Khan

    This water has been effective without making me feel like . No bad side effects.
    Just started taking these and so far, I’m very happy with them.

  2. Junaid Ijaz

    The Slimming Water worked really good but u have to make sure that you drink plenty of water to get the full effect! One time I took one close to my bedtime and let’s just say I was up all night going to the bathroom so that means it was working for me! And my blood pressure numbers have dropped because I retain a lot of fluids and these days Water pills help me to get rid of the extra water! I will definitely be getting more bottles and it’s natural.Recommended!

  3. AAYAN

    I’m skeptical about buying these, because many reviews come from people who try them for free in exchange for leaving reviews…so as a paying customer, I can honestly say that these work great! They only do what they think is perfect!

  4. ADNAN

    It works well, thank you! arrive on time. Nothing to complain.

  5. ASHAR

    Seems to be working. No bad side effects. Sent promptly. this water is very good and effective.

  6. AHMED

    I got this product because of losing weight and keeping water weight. During the first 30 days of using the product, my swelling was greatly reduced and I felt more active.

  7. ARHAM

    I like this product. It actually removed excess water and slightly suppressed my appetite. I will buy it again.

  8. HARIS

    Great product and company. Their products work amazing and water is very good and effective.


    I like this product! This helps me empty my stomach and lower the water level in the tissues. If you are doing any exercise, it will become more powerful. I will never stop using it again!

  10. IMRAN

    Fast shipping and well packaged. However, for me this product has very good worked.

  11. KAMRAN

    Love these water because they are all natural, plus have potassium in them! I used to have my doctor prescribe to me found these and thought I would give a try. They would just as well as the prescribed and they were like I all natural!

  12. LARAIB

    It seems to be working. There are no adverse side effects. Sent in time.

  13. Emran

    I bought this because I have a hard time losing weight with gym. At first I was skeptical because anything with vinegar is strong. It really tastes like water. It made a huge difference…….

  14. Faaris

    I have used this for 10 days and have noticed less bloating. I can’t wait to weigh in. It’s a great product so far so good.

  15. Fahad Amin

    These are for real. I wasn’t convinced until I stopped them for a few days and put back on a couple of pounds. After resuming, three days later, I was back to losing weight again.

  16. Noman

    Ajmal slimming water is very good. I have lost a lot of weight by using it. I would highly recommend it.

  17. meerab

    Effective with low price

  18. Huzaifa

    This water is very useful for weight loss. I used it myself. It made a big difference to me. I will tell you to use B.

  19. Huzaifa

    This water is very useful for weight loss. I used it myself. It made a big difference to me. I will tell you to use B.

  20. FAISAL

    It works well. I have been using it for a long time and it was delivered on time. Thanks Ajmal.pk

  21. Aarif

    I was very fat because of eating fast food. I was worried all the time. Then I used this water from Ajmal dawakhana and it made a big difference. This water was good. I appreciate it….

  22. Hamza Shabbir

    Great product for slimming my body. My body become fat enough. I used this water and I made a big difference….

  23. Aasemana Kesaaa

    main yeah last 2 weeks say use kr rahi hoon or mojhay is sai kafi faida howa hai mera weight kafi kam howa hai or abhi main is ko continue istamal kr rahi hoon hope fully main bilkul slim or smart ho jaon gi.

  24. Mohsin Abbas

    You can lose a lot of weight by using a very high-quality product. I really like this product.

  25. Yasir Khan

    Ajmal Slimming Water For Weight Loss is an all-natural weight loss product that you can easily combine with your daily routine. The main ingredients include Dandelion, lemon tea, Pomegranate, etc. This weight loss product has shown extreme effectiveness for reducing fat and you will see better results in the long term.

  26. Shahid

    Ajmal Slimming Water is specially formulated to effectively help you lose weight.

  27. Bakar

    You’ve tried everything, you’re working hard losing weight, but the fat just won’t go away. Well now there’s a new type of weight loss product for you to try.

  28. Babar Azeem

    Ajmal Slimming Water is the best product for weight loss. It helps to lose weight up to 5 Kg or even 6 Kg in just 30 days! No side effects, No risk,

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