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Ajmal Detox Water is effective product for weight management. Regular use of this helps in burning fat which in turn reduces weight gradually. Ajmal Detox Water is a colourless transparent liquid formulated to maintain perfect body weight. It also reduces the cellulite of the skin and burn fatty acids in human body and in turn provides perfect body shape. It is a combination of natural herbs such as Mentha Arvensis that improves the physiological functions and shape up the human body. The taste of Detox Water is delicious and helps flush your body of toxins and increases your metabolism.


  • Helpful in reducing weight.
  • Removes toxins from human body.
  • Balancing the pH of the body.
  • Provides better digestive health.
  • Boosts immune function.
  • Improves mood.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Improves complexion.


The dosage is simple 4 spoons of Detox Water two times a day. Use at least 3 bottles a month for better results. Use maximum water & vegetables along with Ajmal Detox Water.


Podina Khushk (Mentha Arvensis)

Packing Size:

  • 800ml
Packing Size


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