Qurs Pudina | For Digestion Issues

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Qurs Pudina strengthens the stomach. It also helps in digestion and increases appetite. It removes itching, pruritus if due to indigestion and prevents flatulence.


1-2 tablets with water two times a day after food.

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  • 20tabs
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5 reviews for Qurs Pudina | For Digestion Issues

  1. Hafsa Latif

    I found that this is the best product for stomach care. I tried every kind of medicines but no vain. It’s the best product for stomach… Highly Recommended..

  2. Shahwaiz

    This medicine is very good. Whenever I eat something with a little spice, my stomach gets spoiled, but if I use this medicine, I get immediate relief.

  3. Arsalan Jutt

    It is a very useful medicine for digestion and gives immediate relief…..

  4. Abdul Ghafoor

    An herbal supplement that helps relieve your digestive issues. Used in traditional ayurvedic medicine to support digestion and help reduce gas, heartburn, and nausea, Qurs Pudina is made from 100% natural herbs. That’s why I like this medicine so much.

  5. Farwa Tahir

    Pure herbal product by ajmal dawakhana, Best Product in very low price. Highly Recommended

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