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Namak Ajmali is useful for gastric problems, indigestion, flatulence, gastric pain, lack of appetite, and liver weakness. Moreover, It is  provides strength to digestive organs. It acts as well as carminative. Namak Ajmali is well known for treating digestive issues. Ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders can be effectively treated by taking Namak Ajmali.

Oral Disease:

Acid erosion in the tooth is generally known as the disease of the mouth. This health problem is most commonly seen in the patients of gastrointestinal disease. Erosion of teeth is a health problem in which a highly visible teeth loss happens. There are many reasons why teeth erosion happens; one of which is a gastrointestinal disease. When gastric acid contacts with teeth then also dental erosion is seen.

  • Avoid smoking to protect your teeth from loss.
  • Do not drink alcohol, soft drinks and fruit juices in access.
  • Prevent your teeth from the contact of swimming pool water.
  • Eat healthy, properly cooked and anti-acidic food.
  • Contact with a gastroenterologist and dentist at the earliest stage
  • Attend your treatment regularly and take proper medications.

Esophagus Disease:

Gastric may also affect our esophagus. The wrong diet and weak digestive system can be the reason for gastric. In this health problem patients suffer from chest pain, difficulty swallowing, and in some cases bleeding. It is possible that the patient may not notice any symptom.

For the diagnose X-Ray, and CT scan is done. Medication and surgery are recommended for the treatment.


Gastroparesis. Heartburn, diarrhoea, and vomiting are typical symptoms of this illness.


1-2 tablets with water two times a day Or as directed by the physician.

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