Jawarish Shahi | Strengthens Stomach & Increases Appetite


Jawarish Shahi strengthens stomach-increases appetite-Beneficial in psychoneurosis and palpitation-Relieves throbbing and restlessness-Quenches excessive thirst


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Jawarish Shahi strengthens the stomach and increases appetite. It is beneficial for psychoneurosis and palpitations. It relieves throbbing and restlessness. It quenches excessive thirst.

There is positive evidence that Jawarish Shahi improves stomach function, increases appetite, and reduces palpitations and psychoneurosis. Additionally, it treats productive coughs and piles by stopping excessive urination. This medicine heals premature gray hair, prevents kidney and bladder stones, and also prevents the recurrence of kidney and bladder stones.


  • Prevents kidney and bladder stones
  • Improves digestion and increases appetite
  • Reduces the likelihood of kidney and bladder stones recurring.

Side Effects:

Various clinical studies have been performed on Jawarish Shahi and no side effects were identified.


Adults: 5g With Water Two Times A Day.

Children: 3g With Water Two Times A Day.

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
Packing Size


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