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Basant Malti strengthens the stomach and intestines while checking the liver. By Unani theory, this medication brings the intestinal flora to “ATEDAL” (Optimal Level). It is used for strengthening the digestive tract. Beneficial for loose stools caused by stomach weakness. Useful for diarrhea caused by intestinal and gastric defects, enteritis sprue. Regularising peristaltic movement (Bowel movement) is advantageous.

Basant Malti Benefits

  • Irregular Bowel function 
  • Enhances Stomach and Intestine Health
  • Beneficial for loss of motion
  • Irritable bowel habit 

The plant is used as a herbal remedy. Root, seed, and fruit decoctions can be used as an anthelmintic to expel parasitic worms and to treat diarrhea. In addition to gargling, a fruit infusion can also be used for gargles. Additionally, the products are used to treat nephritis. Leaves can be used to alleviate fever-related discomfort. The roots are a treatment for arthritis.

Basant Malti strengthens stomach and intestine and checks the liver. Useful for diarrhea due to the weakness of intestine and stomach, enteritis sprue.


  1. One tablet with majun sangdana-e-murgh 5 grams twice a day
  2. Children are given 12 tablets of major sangdana-e-murgh 3g twice daily. Or as prescribed by the doctor.

Packing Size:

  • 20tabs


2 reviews for Basant Malti | For Digestive System

  1. Maham (verified owner)

    Best for stomach problems like IBS , diarrhea !!

    • Tabinda

      Thanks for your response.

  2. Maryam Afzal

    I always use it for stomach problems

    • Tabinda

      Thanks for your response.

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