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Safoof Mohazzil is Slimming agent-It helps in weight management by reducing fat from the body. 
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Safoof Mohazzil reduces obesity. Its regular use slims and shapes the body by gradually reducing the extra fat. It inhibits fatty acid synthesis, reduces the cholesterol levels. It also reduces the craving for food and sweets, which reduces the intake of fats and carbohydrates. The key component of Safoof Mohazzil is Mentha Arvensis (Podina), which is good in stabilizing the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in body. Safoof Mohazzil, a product of Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan is a miraculous herbal medicine in powder form that reduces weight by burning the fats from human body.

Additionally, it also helps in reducing fats and inhibits fatty acids synthesis. It also provides healthy and fresh skin. Irritable bowel syndrome, a common digestive tract disease can be resolved with the use of Safoof Mohazzil. The key usage of Safoof Mohazzil is as a herbal medicine for weight loss, reduces weight without causing feebleness and provide nourishes the skin. It helps in burning the excessive fats from human body and shaped it as slim and smart physique.


  • Reduces obesity
  • Shapes the body
  • Reduces fats
  • Inhibits fatty acid synthesis
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the craving for food and sweets


5 g with lukewarm water two times a day or as directed by the physician.


  • Keep the medicine out of children reach.
  • Consult with physician first. Self medication is not recommended.


Podina (Mentha Arvensis)

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  • 50gm
  • 150gm

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3 reviews for Safoof Mohazzil | Treat Obesity

  1. Zeeshan Bhatti

    Increasing weight day by day was major headache for me.. I was very worried… Then I visit ajmal dawkahan, Discuss problem with hakeem sahib then they provide my some tips about diet plan and recommend me Safoof Mehzil… Now Everything is under control and I am working on obesity also…. Highly Recommended

  2. Mustaqeem Malik

    Obesity is a major disease, for me ahhhh i don’t want to remember that black days, Yes black days because if someone cannot play sports, can’t run , and have bulky body. I tried every type of medicines, remedies but no vain. Instead of treatment my body going bulky day by day. I was extremely worried. Then I visit Hakeem Sahib, after proper discussion about my condition. They prepared a diet plan for me and recommend me this medicine. Would You believe, this medicine helps me a lot in removing my obesity. I followed all of the precautions mentioned by Hakeem Sahib. Alhamdulliah I am a Football Player Now palying at attacking position… Highly Recommended to others.

  3. Iram Salman

    its good for various digestive issues

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