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A unique combination of highly potent herbal extracts, Tila Heeray Wala helps r lose male libido. In addition to enhancing sexual desire, it also enhances erectile power and cures premature ejaculation. The powerful herbal ingredients in this supplement work effectively to increase sperm count and motility.

Erectile dysfunction can lead to performance failure. Restores lost penile function and gives stronger, harder, and longer erections. You will experience a new level of ecstasy and satisfaction as you rekindle the lost passion and romance in your life.

Tila Heeray Wala works on the following Male Sexual Problems

  • Erectile Dysfunction – Men lose their erections due to age, health problems, and psychological factors. Tila Heeray Wala fixes this problem and enables one to achieve complete, strong erections.
  • Ejaculation precociously – Early discharge is a major problem among men. Tila Heeray Wala is a boon for men suffering from early discharge problems. It enhances the pleasure of sex with your partner and helps you achieve a sense of total satisfaction.

.          Sperm Count and Motility – Many males today have low sperm counts and motility. Men become more potent with Tila Heeray Wala’s unique combination, which enhances sperm count and motility.

  • Reduced libido and sexual desire – Tila Heeray Wala enhances sexual desire in males and makes them more sexually active.


  •  Acts as a Revitaliser.
  •  Helps in counteracting sexual debility.
  •  Provides essential sexual nourishment.
  •  Helps tone muscles.
  •  helps to rejuvenate the body.


Apply Tila on male sex organ and gently massage for a few minutes. Hot betel leaf bandage
is also done after its applications

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