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Qurs Qalai is an effective formulation of Unani medicine used for the treatment of male sex disorders, highly effective for spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and dilution of semen. It is also useful for increasing the production of reproduction matter. This Unani herbal medicine, manufactured by Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan, also cures the increased sensitivity of male sex organ.

In Unani Medicinal System, Qurs Qalai is therapeutically known for curing spermatorrhoea and premature ejaculation by thickening seminal fluid. Qurs Qulai increases retentive power and sex virility. It also rectifies nocturnal emission, spermatorrhoea, and impotency and provides strength to the nerves and increases memory.


  • Useful in spermatorrhoea
  • Treats nocturnal emission
  • Alleviates premature ejaculation
  • Reduces dilution of semen
  • Cures increased sensitivity of male sex organ
  • Useful for increasing the production of reproduction matter
  • Increases retentive power and sex virility
  • Strengthens nerves
  • Increases memory


Take one tablet with Majoon Mughalliz Jawahar before breakfast along with half cup of milk or as directed by the physician


  • Keep the medicine out of children’s reach.
  • Consult with a physician first. Self-medication is not recommended.


Kushta Qalai

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