Habbe Kimiyai Ishrat

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Habbe Kimiyai Ishrat strengthens principal organs liver, and brain. It also strengthens the Heart. Moreover, It gives strengths to nerves.


1 Tablet with lukewarm milk at bedtime. Or as directed by the physician.

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  • 20tabs
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4 reviews for Habbe Kimiyai Ishrat

  1. Maryam

    Habbe Kimiyai Ishrat fortifies head organs liver, and mind. It likewise fortifies the Heart. I personaly used this medicine, effective results

  2. Asad Ali

    I found that this is the Best Medicine for liver. Highly Recommended..

  3. Afzal Sadiq

    Best Medicine for Male Health Weakness. I tried this medicine 2 years ago still Now i never face any kind of weakness. Don’t hesitate to try this…

  4. Shah Nawaz

    Best Medicine of Vital Organs

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