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Qurs Sartan Kafori is indicated for treating tuberculosis and other respiratory conditions.


Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease induced by airborne germs transmitted from person to person. TB typically affects the lungs but can also impact the brain, kidneys, and spine. A person with TB can perish if they do not receive treatment.

Heal respiratory injuries and aid in coughing. As a styptic, it staunches hemorrhaging. Styptics  are a specific hemostatic agent that seals injured blood vessels by contracting tissue.

Qurs Sartan Kafori precautions

  • Should be kept out of children’s reach.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Self-medication is discouraged.
  • Place in a dry, cold location.
  • After each use, replace the cap firmly on the medication.
  • Keep medications in their original packaging.

Terms and Conditions

Consult a physician and are not self-medicating by purchasing this medication


1-2 Tablets With Times A day.

Packing Size:

  • 20tabs
Packing Size


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