Barshasha | For Chronic Cold & Headache

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Barshasha is a remedy for the common cold and catarrh. It also treats paralysis, tremor, memory loss, vertigo, and insomnia. It is effective for every form of cough. Beneficial for chronic headaches and brain calming. It is a unique treatment for colds, catarrh, and congestion. Additionally, it alleviates colic pain and stomach and liver discomfort. Barshasha is a special remedy for cold and catarrh. It also cures paralysis, trembling, memory loss, giddiness, sleeplessness. It is useful in all types of cough. Useful for chronic headache and relaxes the brain.

Side Effects 

There have been no side effects reported.

Storage Instructions: 

Store in a cold, dry location.


Adults: 1 to 3 grams with water before bedtime or as directed by a doctor.

Packing Size:

  • 50gm

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