Qurs Zamurd | Relieves Kidney & Bladder Issues


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Qurs Zamurd is helpful in Kidney and Bladder Problems. It removes excess body fluid retention by diuretic action. In addition, it eliminates unwanted toxins from the body. It also eases pain in the musculoskeletal system and abdomen. It cures intermittent urination and scanty urination. Additionally, it treats urinary tract infections and renal calculi, as well as soothing burning urination.

 Complications include:

  • The presence of high potassium levels can cause irregular heartbeats
  • Metabolic acidosis occurs when the body cannot eliminate acids
  • swelling in the lungs from fluid overload
  • Heart failure caused by fluid overload is an example of cardiovascular disease
  • Cognitive problems, such as a decline in clarity of thought
  • Bleeding and vomiting are common gastrointestinal problems


In some cases, kidney stones cannot be prevented, but experts recommend reducing the overall risk by:

  • Water should be consumed at least two liters a day
  • following a healthful diet
  • doing regular exercise

Medications and dietary recommendations may be prescribed for people who have a greater risk of developing kidney stones Qurs Zamurd.


One Tablet with Jawarish Zironi Ambari before breakfast with a cup or milk or as directed
by the physician.

Packing Size:

  • 20tabs
Packing Size


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