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Herbal treatments to get rid of muscle pain and joint stiffness are available. Roghan Kuchla is made to get rid of muscle pain and stiffness in joints under the supervision of remarkably proficient herbal doctors. The herbs used in Roghan Kuchla have a firm grip on curing the problem of inflammation. To treat the internal organs deeply, these herbs penetrate the skin. This Roghan uses it for a regular period to erase muscle pain and joint stiffness.

Getting Rid of Joint Stiffness with Herbal Treatment:

Muscle and joint pain after the injuries is due to blood clotting at the affected area. Roghan Kuchla massage therapy makes this blood flow smooth and relieves that injured part by suppressing the swell and rebuilds that damaged body part. This high blood flow gives relaxation, nourishment and energy to the muscles providing it comfort effects, thus being the best herbal treatment to get rid of muscle pain. Roghan Kuchla is the perfect solution for herbal treatment to get rid of joint stiffness that provides lubrication and flexibility and improves bones, tissues, and other organs health.


Roghan Kuchla is functionally a joint, muscular, and also nerve duct pain killer.


Massage gently on the affected area before sleep or as directed by the physician.

Packing Size:

  • 20ml


Packing Size

1 review for Roghan Kuchla | Relieves Muscles & Joints Pain

  1. فرہان یوسفی

    جوڑوں کے درد میں بہت مفید ہے خاص طور پر جب آپ کے گھٹنوں کا درد آپ کو ستا رہا ہو۔ تو حکیم صاحب کے مشورے سے استعمال کریں ۔ مجھے اس سے بہت فائدہ ہواشکریہ اجمل دواخانہ

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