Jawarish Amla Sada | For Intestines Weakness & Diarrhoea


Jawarish Amla Sada-act as stomachic-checks the bilious diarrhea, reduces the hepatic hyperthermia-Beneficial in weakness of intestines and diarrhea


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Jawarish Amla Sada

Jawarish Amla Sada is very essential and beneficial medicine used in the treatment of stomachache, intestinal gas, indigestion and diarrhea it has numerous health benefits. Upset stomach is common problem in people now days they have many complaints regarding digestive tract Jawarish Amla Sada is best herbal medicine used to manage all these problems and cures stomachache, dyspepsia, indigestion and heartburn. Its active ingredient is Phyllanthus emblica which is totally pure and natural remedy used in this medicine to treat digestive issues and many other problems in the body.

Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan’s Jawarish Amla Sada is formulation of herbal extracts which are free from impurities and chemicals, has strong effect on digestive system and also useful for those people who are suffering from intestinal gas and indigestion is referred as persistent pain in upper abdomen it gives relief from stomachache, makes the stomach comfort and healthy.

Jawarish Amla Sada is effective herbal medicine used for the treatment of diarrhea is a disorder in which you have loose watery stools three or more than three times in one day it becomes severe if not treated this herbal medicine is best remedy to cures diarrhea it has ability to normalize the bowl movements of intestines, passes normal stools, treats infection and reduces the weakness of intestines.

  • Strengthens the stomach
  • Treats diarrhea
  • Effective in Heartburn: It is a common problem generated by acid reflux, a condition in which some of stomach contents are forced back to your esophagus heartburn is irritable and burning pain in your chest.
  • Cures intestinal flatulence(excessive gas in your intestines)
  • Beneficial in dyspepsia(pain or discomfort in upper digestive tract)
  • Cures the weakness of intestines


  • Phyllanthus emblica: is used to treat various diseases such as hypertension, diabetic mellitus, indigestion, heartburn, cardiac disorders, liver diseases. Also used in menstrual problems.



5g with water two times a day.


3g with water two times.

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
Packing Size


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