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Arq Brinjasuf


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Arq Brinjasuf has anti-inflammatory action and It also dissolves internal inflammation of the organs.

When the immune system is activated, the body releases inflammatory cells. These cells assault pathogens and repair damaged tissue. You may suffer chronic inflammation if your body produces inflammatory cells when you are neither ill nor injured. Inflammation is a symptom of numerous chronic diseases, including arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

Inflammatory Symptoms

  •         Redness of the epidermis at the injury site
  •         Pain or tenderness
  •         Swelling
  •         Heat

Chronic inflammation symptoms could be more difficult to recognize than acute inflammation symptoms. Indicators of chronic inflammation include:

  •         Abdominal pain
  •         Chest pain
  •         Fatigue
  •         Fever
  •         joint pain or rigidity
  •         mouth ulcers
  •         Skin rash


1 cup before breakfast or as well as directed by a physician

Packing Size:

  • 800ml


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