Tragacanth | Gond Katira | گوند کتیرہ

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Tragacanth | Gond Katira
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Gond Katira:

 Tragacanth (Gond Katira) is a kind of gel gotten from specific gum trees, serves various fitness benefits, such as forestall coronary heart strokes, suitable for pregnant women, urinary sensuality, fitness advantages for men, health benefits for women, and elasticities energy. Made of the best gem from the farms, Ajmal Herbs Tragacanth is of authentic quality, fresh and uncontaminated. Tragacanth brings advantages on a large scale because it is chemically inert, non-toxic characteristics while also rich in magnesium, potassium and alkaloids, proteins, and calcium. Tragacanth is worthily beneficial for feeding mothers and possesses some eccentric benefits for pores and skin beauty, as well as a popular herb for constipation.


  • Beneficial for pregnant and feeding women
  • Intestine movement stimulation
  • Urinary sensuality
  • Fitness advantages for men
  • Gond katira Provides energy
  • Adds in skin beauty
  • Treating for constipation


To consume, a teaspoon of Tragacanth should be soaked in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, take the gel from the glass and put it into some of the milk with a little sugar to make it drinkable.

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