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Sweet Almond
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Sweet Almond:

Ajmal Herbs Sweet Almond (Maghz Badam), eatable seeds of Prunus Dulcis, is also known as almond is much abundant in the amount of protein, Vitamins as well as minerals. A single serving of Sweet Almond (Badam) comprises 6 grams of Protein, 3.5 grams of Fiber, 14 grams Fat, 37% Vitamin E, 20% Magnesium, and 32% Manganese.

Maghz Badam contains enough Vitamin E and is considered one of the most dominant sources of Vitamin E. Such properties make it much effective for the treatment of any sort of oxidative damage. Additionally, the consumption of Vitamin E is much helpful in treating certain diseases such as heart diseases or cancer. Blood sugar and body weight can be managed very well. One should consume it conferring to the prescription consultation of the doctor. If Badam is taken as a medicine, over dozing can be damaging.


To cover up the body’s protein needs, one should consume about 1/8 of the daily almonds in meals. Badam can be eaten up in both raw and toasted forms plus the variations of almond milk and sliced or in butter along with flour as well as oil.


  • Provides a rich amount of Vitamin E
  • Treats oxidative damage
  • Helps in treating Heart diseases and Cancer
  • Controls body weight
  • Manages Blood Sugar

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