Red Oxide Of Lead | Sindoor | سندور

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Red Oxide Of Lead (Sindoor)

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Red Oxide Of Lead:

Red oxide of lead uses or vermilion is commonly used in Indian culture where married women used to put it in their heads. It signifies the sacred relationship of marriage. On the other hand, unmarried women use Sindoor to make a dot on their forehead. Previously, It was made of herbal ingredients such as alum, calcium salt, saffron, and camphor, but currently, the Sindoor in the market is made of chemicals that can harm. Therefore, it is advised to avoid taking it orally.

The is, prepared with turmeric and lime, helps to ease stress and strain. It Sindoor or also helps in keeping the brain active and alert. It is believed that it absorbs the unwanted and bad moisture in the forehead region, only leaving pure moisture on the forehead that enhances the power of concentration for women.


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1 review for Red Oxide Of Lead | Sindoor | سندور

  1. Arpita Ranghanathan

    High Quality Sindoor…. Will Buy again for daily Usage…

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