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(Suranjan benefits) or Meadow Saffron belongs to the Liliaceae family grows widely in damp meadows, roadsides, banks, and marshes, native to North Africa and Europe. Seeds are cultivated in early summer and the corms in late summer when completely dried to be used in homeopathic or other remedies. The stem, flowers, and bulb, all the parts are used in the preparation of medicines after going through various procedures as all the parts of this plant are considered highly toxic.

Before the eighteen century, this plant was considered too poisonous to be used in any medicines, but later, the research has shown some influential medical properties and Meadow Saffron uses, especially for the treatment of gout. Suranjan benefits contains a high quantity of colchicines and alkaloid in yellow flakes form, which are excellent to treat Mediterranean fever and gout by decreasing the chemicals cause inflammation because of these ailments.

Meadow Saffron uses provides significant relief from the rheumatism swelling and pain in careful dosage and quantity. The seeds and corm of this plant come with the cathartic, analgesic, emetic, and anti-rheumatic used remarkably to treat the gouty and rheumatic complications along with the alkaline diuretic.

Leukemia, ulcers and Bechet’s syndrome can be successfully cured with Suranjan. Moreover, this herb can successfully deal with nausea, rheumatism, and diarrhea by affecting the proliferating gastrointestinal epithelial cells; however, it should be used after consulting your doctor.


  • Relives gout pain and swelling
  • Treats rheumatism issues
  • Effective for healing wounds
  • Helpful for Mediterranean fever
  • Treats diarrhea and nausea

Note: Pregnant women and kidney patients should not use this herb without the consultation of an expert or doctor.

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