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Ammonium Chloride (Noshadar Thikri)
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Ammonium Chloride:

Noshadar Thikri or also known as Sal ammoniac is a rare natural mineral that is composed of Ammonium Chloride. This mineral has been used for the treatment of reducing inflammation from the body. Patients with gastrointestinal problems, such as stomach ulcers and indigestion problems can be treated with Noshadar Thikri benefits. Ammonium Chloride uses are urinary acidifying salt, by cleaning the stomach and passes out impurities through urine. Ammonium Chloride uses also acts as an expectorant and alleviates the cough and phlegm by irritating the mucous membranes. Additionally, it also reduces the inflammation of the stomach caused by overeating. Patients with liver problems such as cirrhosis, enlarged liver, and spleen can take this as a treatment as it reduces their size to normal levels.

Asthmatic complaints can be coped with the use of Ammonium Chloride. Plus, individuals complaining about alopecia or abnormal hair fall can also be treated with this. It is also an effective herbal treatment for skin problems. One amazing health benefit of the Noshadar herb is that it eliminates the poisonous effects from the body.


The health benefits of Noshadar Thikri are innumerable, but to describe a few consists of its characteristics as a urinary acidifying salt. It eliminates the impurities from the stomach and discharges impurities through urine. It helps resolve gastrointestinal issues including stomach ulcers, indigestion problems, flatulence, and heartburning. Additionally, because of its expectorant properties, it is used to reduce cough and phlegm from airways. Individuals with over-eating problems can experience inflammation of the stomach that can be resolved with the usage of Ammonium Chloride.

Liver problems such as cirrhosis, enlarged liver, and spleen can take Noshadar herb as a treatment as it reduces their size to normal levels. Patients with asthmatic complaints can manage their problems with this mineral. As Noshadar herb has lots of benefits, but it also contains some side effects, therefore it is advised to use Noshadar Thikri as per your physician’s guidelines.

Key Actions

  • Acidifier
  • Expectorant

Key Constitutions Of Noshadar Thikri

  • Salt ammoniac

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