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Muffareh Jameel
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Muffareh Jameel is an effective medicine in palpitation and psychoneurosis. Palpitations make you feel like your heart is beating too hard or too fast, skipping a beat, or fluttering. You may notice heart palpitations in your chest, throat, or neck. Muffareh Jameel is a cardio brain tonic. It acts as exhilarant. Muffareh Jameel specifically useful for Hyperlipidemia, Palpitation, Mild hypertension, Anxiety, Angina pectoris, Bradycardia, Post-myocardial infarction, Post-angioplasty conditions, Stress and tachycardia.

Muffareh Jameel helps to improve protein activity especially in brain cells, increase intelligence and memory and decreases senility and aging. It is also helpful to lower the blood sugar level. This herb has very important role in herbal medicine as the main rejuvenating herb for the nerve and brain cells. This is very effective herbal remedy helpful in increasing mental concentration level. It has an antioxidant property, so helpful to reduce oxidation of fats in the blood stream, which is the risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

This herb has been shown good effects on patients suffering from insomnia.


  • Classic brain and nerve tonic.
  • Nourishes brain.
  • Improves intelligence and memory.

Side Effects:

No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.


Adult: 3-5g With Water two times a day. Or As Directed By The Physician.

Packing Size:

  • 50gm
  • 100gm


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