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Habbe Jawahar strengthens the heart and is beneficial in cases of palpitation. It helps with general body weakness and tiredness. It is also beneficial during long-term illness recovery. Furthermore, it restores vitality, strengthens the sensory and motor parts of the brain, and improves gray matter function. Tonic for the heart and mind.

Side Effects of  Habbe Jawahar

There have been no reports of  adverse effects in the medical literature. However, before using  Habbe Jawahar, always consult your doctor.

Dietary Advice

Avoid greasy, rich, and flatulence-producing foods in your diet.


Habbe Jawahar strengthens the heart and useful in palpitation. It is beneficial in general body weakness and lethargy. It is also useful in post convalescence of long term ailments. Moreover, it regains vitality strengthens the sensory and motor parts of the brain and improve the function of its gray matter. Cardio brain tonic.


1 tablet with Balai or Khameera Gaozaban Ambri Jawahar 5g. Two times a day

Or as directed by the physician.

Packing Size:

  • 20tabs.


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