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Safoof Mamira is effective in gonorrhea-It reduces inflammation and heals wounds-herbal-unani


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Safoof Mamira is an effective treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) such as gonorrhoea. It helps in reducing the inflammation caused by bacterium and heals the wounds resulting from infection. Safoof Mamira contains natural antibiotic properties and treats the problems caused by gonorrhoea including infection in urethra, rectum and throat and in women alleviates cervix infection. The disease gonorrhoea usually spread through sexual contact. its also reduces the symptoms such as painful urination, puss discharge from penis, as well as reduces the pain and swelling of the penis.

Women with gonorrhoeal problems can also use Safoof Mamira; however the symptoms of gonorrhoea are somewhat different than men. Women usually experience heavy vaginal discharge with odour, excessive vaginal bleeding right after intercourse, abdominal and pelvic pain. its provides help in alleviating these symptoms in women. The main ingredient of Safoof Mamira is Cucumis Sativa or in Urdu Magaz Khayaren, which is more effective than the antibiotic used in allopathic treatments.


  • Treats gonorrhoea
  • Eliminates infection from genitals
  • Reduces the genital inflammation
  • Alleviates cervix infection in women
  • Strengthen male and female reproductive systems


3 g with lukewarm milk two times a day.


  • Keep the medicine out of children reach.
  • Consult with physician first. Self medication is not recommended.


Magaz Khayaren (Cucumis sativa)

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