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Majun Jalali is a unique Ajmal medicine which aims at improving fertility by improving sperm count and making the sperm denser. It can also be used as a general or nerve tonic. Moreover, It is the perfect medicine for patients with low sperm count,  sluggish motility. It is also effective for high abnormality rate.

  •  Improves fertility
  •  Improves vigour and vitality
  •  Strengthens the nerves and removes general debility
  •  Enhances the viscosity of the seminal fluid.


Half teaspoon twice a day with milk

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
Packing Size

7 reviews for Majun Jalali

  1. Saqib Shafique

    After using this further developing ripeness by further developing sperm count and making the sperm denser. This product is effective for those who have low sperm count. Highly recommended

  2. Naeem Dhudhi

    Good product and effective results

  3. Usman Ali

    Best Medicine to increase sperm count and Male power. Highly effective… Thanks to Ajmal Dawakhana for this amazing Product.

  4. Ashir Shoaib

    Less Sperm count is very major problem for any male i.e. You need some exact percentage to able for fertility. Last Year I was facing less sperm count when i tested for sperms I was totally shocked. Because my sperms report was so shocking my sperm count is 25% and sperms health were so weak. I was totally worried then my friend suggest me this product. I ordered this product online. The company sent this product at my given address. Then I used this medicine and go for sperm test again. And there was a huge difference in my sperm count then it was 55 %. It’s Highly Effective product due its pure ingredients. Highly Recommended Don’t hesitate to try this.

  5. Binyameen Ali

    Best Medicine to Increase Sperm Count…… Highly Recommended

  6. Ghulam Murtaza Ali

    Best Medicine for Male Fertility…… Personally Tried…. Highly Recommended….

  7. Shoaib Hamdan

    Majun Jalali is best to builds the blood supply to crotch locale and furthermore increment sperm count. It is likewise successful for high anomaly rate… Highly recommended

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