Habbe Khas Bara Hakim Saab

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Habbe Khas Bara strengthens principal organs like heart, liver, and brain. A best nervine tonic. Increases vitality and vigor.


1 Tablet with water two times a day, Or as directed by the physician.

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  • 20tabs.
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Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Habbe Khas Bara Hakim Saab

  1. Faheem Saleem

    It helps to increase power of men.It strengthens all vital organs of the body like liver, brain, heart and muscles. Recommended!

  2. Saqib Jaan

    I used this product some body recommend me after use of it i would like to say Best In Increase Mans Sexual Power.

  3. Matee Ur Rehman

    I think this is the best medicine for Vital Organs. I am totally healthy after using this medicine. Highly Recommended…

  4. جاوید

    اہم اعضاء کے لیے بہترین۔ مردانہ صحت کے لیے موثر دوا ہے۔

  5. hannan

    Best and Effective medicine to increase sexual power.. Recommended

  6. Iftikhar Ali

    It is very good medicine for common ailments. It is also useful for male potency. I use this medicine. It has no side effects because it is made from herbs.

  7. Sahil Ejaz

    Habbe-Khas Bara Hakim Saab is a traditional herb. It has the best nervine tonic property. Increases vitality and vigor. Recommended!

  8. Qaqas Tariq

    Habbe Khas Bara Hakim Saab is an Effective herbal medicine for the increase sexual power.

  9. Salman Saleem

    Habbe Khas Bara Hakim Saab is the Best herbal medicine for Increase Mans Sexual Power. Recommended!

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