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Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan refines and packs organic fresh and pure natural raw honey. Ajmal Honey, Nature’s Golden Nectar, contains a number of natural ingredients that act as antioxidants helping in prevention of slow damage to cells caused by free radicals and unbalanced molecules that human body produces as a result of ecological pressures.

Ajmal Honey has also the traits that not only increase the efficiency of human body, but also the human brain. By adding it into hot cup of tea with lemon, you can also alleviate the symptoms such as sore throat and chronic obstructive lung diseases.

High levels of blood triglycerides are a major risk factor causing heart diseases and Ajmal Honey can help in lowering the triglyceride levels.


  • Its antibacterial properties acts as suppressant against bacterial growth
  • Wound-healing properties of Ajmal Honey can help in improving and boosting the natural wounds healing process
  • Dietary antioxidants help protect biological systems from oxidative damage as well as set the upset gastrointestinal issues.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the diabetic complications and helps in reducing the insulin response and can activate the growth of granulation tissue.
  • Improve cholesterol levels and provide good heart health
  • It contains antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antimycobacterial properties
  • Soothing throat related issues



2-3 times day or as directed by the physician



  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Zinc

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  • 300gm
  • 500gm

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10 reviews for Ajmal Honey | Good for General Health

  1. Abdul Waheed

    Like the honey from this company, will buy it again, highly recommended

  2. Adeel Riaz

    Delicious honey

  3. Dildar Khan

    Over all a good quailty …..same as pic satisfied

  4. Zubair Haroon

    order multiple items, I am impressed with the packaging and handling, delivered right on time.. over all great experience

  5. Gul Khan

    This is my favorite honey of all time. It heated up during shipping so the honeycomb that’s normally on the top was mixed in with the rest of the honey, but that’s okay. The honey is still good! I’ve been reading the product reviews and I just wanted to say that the brown stuff on the top of the honey is perfectly normal and safe to ingest – it’s just wax from the honeycomb. It’s also meant to be a little bit on the liquidy side. Not as much as squeeze honey, but enough that you can spread it without making a huge mess. It does smell a little like socks but it’s GOOD honey! Highly Recommended!

  6. Amjad Jameel

    Great honey. It’s been well blended. It’s clear and thick. I made home made buttermilk biscuits pretty much just to try out the new honey. Everyone loved it. And this is also a good value. 100% satisfied. Recommended!

  7. Ramzan Rafeeq

    Love this raw honey and use every day in my lattes! Best tasting honey in liquid form that I have ever tasted!

  8. Danish

    I needed honey I preferred Ajmal dawakhana so I have used their products before which was very good and honey was as good as all these products. Thanks Ajmal dawakhana Pharmacy

  9. Mudasir

    The honey of Ajmal dawakhan is very pure. There is no mixture in it. The taste is very pleasant. Thank you. Ajmal dawakhana.

  10. Rimsha Javed

    Pure honey I like the quality of this natural product. Best tasting honey in liquid form that I have ever tasted.. Highly recommended

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