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Habbe Rasaut Khas checks the hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids diarrhea. Useful in blood purification. Prevents pimples, boils, itch, purities, and other skin eruptions. It is also useful for painful eyes.


Adults 1-2 pills before breakfast  With water or Arq Mundi

Children: 1 pill before breakfast with water or Arq Mundi


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  • 20tabs
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10 reviews for Habbe Rasaut Khas | For Blood Detoxification

  1. Asad Ali

    Best Product for Blood Purification. Highly Recommended

  2. Ali Ahmad

    This product is a miracle!!! I have suffered nearly everyday for a year and a half. I haven’t had to use creams or suppositories since the 2nd day of using this product. I am so thankful this works, its literally changed my life and my outlook on life. I want to call my doctor and yell at her for not advising me of this product.

  3. Sadam

    This one medicine is better For Blood Detoxification. good results

  4. Sjjad Hussain

    Ye blood k leye bht hi effective ha. Me ny use ki ha bht hi acha Ressult ha

  5. Ameer Hamza

    Rex Habbe Rasaut is a unani medicine used for hemorrhoids or bleeding piles. It reduces the inflammation in hemorrhoids and decrease the hemorrhoids mass. It can be use in both type of piles Badi and Khooni as per the unani concept. Highly Recommended!

  6. Shaheer

    یہ میڈیسن خون صاف کرنے کے لیے بہت مفید ہے میرے سکن میں دانے نکلتے تھے جب سے مینے یہ میڈیسن کھانی شروع کی ہے آب میں بلکل ٹھیک ہو بس میں اس کو ١ ماہ تک استمال کرو گا حکیم صاب کے مشورے کے مطابق

  7. Asif Ali

    Habbe Rasaut Khas is a unani medicine used for hemorrhoids or bleeding piles. Recommended!

  8. Muzamil Naveed

    Best used For Blood Detoxification. No side effects with affordable price



  10. Raheem Shah

    Good Result…. Highly Recommended…

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