Kabid Ajmali | For Hepatitis A B & C


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Kabid Ajmali, an Unani medicine commonly prescribed to treat liver disorders. It is a very safe, efficacious herbal medicine for the relief of all kinds of Hepatitis, especially HAV, HBV & HCV according to the degree and stage of affliction.


  • Enhances the function of vital organs.
  • Prevent the development of ailments.
  • Stop opportunistic infections from occurring.
  • It’s safe and has no side effects or contraindications.
  • Contains no injurious ingredients, such as lead or steroids.

 Also efficacious for the following diseases:

  • Toxic/metabolic Liver Diseases,
  • Acute Viral Hepatitis,
  • Chronic-persistent Hepatitis,
  • Chronic-aggressive Hepatitis,
  • Cirrhosis of the Liver; Jaundice
  • Fatty Degeneration of the Liver


Cures Hepatitis A, B and C.

Kabid Ajmali Use for at least three months.


Glycyrrhiza glabra .20.,

Valeria Officinale .20.,

Chicorium Intybus .20.,

Apium grareolens .20.,

Cymbopogon .20., qs


Use two tablets with empty stomach in the moring and evening, or as directed by Physician.


Use less oily food.

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