Safoof Moya | Helpful in Diarrhoea


Safoof Moya is effective for dysentery emanating from weak bowels-unani-herbal


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Safoof Moya is effective for dysentery emanating from weak bowels. It also helps in alleviating the diarrheal symptoms and prevents dehydration by maintaining the fluid levels in human body. Safoof Moya also reduces the inflammation of colon and intestines. Dysentery is classified with severe stomach spasms, abdominal cramping and loose motions sometimes with occult blood in stools. Without appropriate hydration, dysentery can be fatal for humans.

There are many causes of dysentery, unhygienic diet or food and poor hygiene are the most common causes. Due to inappropriate hygiene and poor sanitization harmful bacteria generates and can taint food and water. This tainted food and water can cause dysentery in humans.


  • Good for dysentery problems
  • Effective remedy for weak bowels
  • Alleviates diarrhea
  • Removes the flatulence from the stomach and intestines
  • Treats stomach spasms by reducing the acidity


5 g with lukewarm water two times a day or as directed by the physician.


  • Keep the medicine out of children reach.
  • Consult with physician first. Self medication is not recommended.


Baikh Anjabar (Polygon Bistorta)

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