Marham Ajeeb | For Itching Issues

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Marham Ajeeb Ajmali is useful for dry and wet itching. It is also useful for prickly heat, boils, pustules, and abscesses.


Apply the cream on the affected area or on whole, take bath With soap after with warm water. Practice this process for Some days.

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  • 100gm
Weight 100 g
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6 reviews for Marham Ajeeb | For Itching Issues

  1. دلاور خان

    یہ دوا خارش کے لیے بہت اچھی ہے۔

  2. Kamran

    Better Product for Skin Disease, Effective results…recommended

  3. Adnan Ali

    Best Medicine for Skin allergy…. Highly Effective… Don’t hesitate to try this……

  4. Amir Khan

    Very good product for itching. Gives instant relief. Made from herbs. No site effect…

  5. Sarwat Hussain

    It is a very good ointment for itching. I used this ointment for a few days and I got better

  6. باہوبٹ

    الرجی اور خارش میں بہت مفید ہے گھر بیٹھے آسانی سے حاصل کی جا سکتی ہے ۔

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