The role of hakim Ajmal khan in unani tibb. Unani tibb is a system of herbal medicine treatment which came into existence as a result of the fusion of earliest Greek and conventional Indian method of herbal medical treatment which is referred as Ayurveda.


There are many Hakims known for their ‘Hikmat’  but no one match the stature, knowledge and experience of Hakim Ajmal Khan in unani tibb. Ajmal is an eminent name of excellence and clarity, providing herbal remedies for centuries to the public in the Indian sub-continent. Ajmal ancestors have long been known for their services to health care. Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan Pvt Ltd is yet a family run company and chases the authoritarian rules in the making of a medicine.

Masih-ul-Mulk Hakim Ajmal Khan (Healer of the Nation)

In the 20th century, Hakim Ajmal Khan was known as one of the 100 best Muslim leaders. He was a creative and was sanctified with some unusual qualities. At times they appear to be incredible, his remedial works and healing in different sicknesses and diseases are so eccentric that although being factual.


Though Hakim Ajmal Khan relinquish his government honors, people who esteemed his effort and detained him in high appreciate presented upon him the title Masih-ul-Mulk (Healer of the Nation). Hakim Ajmal Khan in unani tibb attained domination of the family career of Herbal Medicines, under the professional leadership of his kin elder.


He encourages the practice of Unani medicine and for this reason, he had set up the Sharif Manzil hospital-cum-college that was recognized during the subcontinent as one of the optimum charitable Unani hospitals that charged no cost for poor patients.


The patients anguish from various illnesses are getting ‘Shiffa’ or therapy from Hakim Ajmal’s Herbal remedies and prescriptions and it keep on to maintain its ritual. He also recognized Ayurvedic & Unani Tibbia College and Jamia Millia Islamia somewhere he started a program to renovate Unani remedy and brought about an essential modification for the same.


Hakim Ajmal Khan in unani tibb has devoted his living to give out the humankind through natural herbal cures and medicine. People belief their cures and medications because of their no long term treatments and no side effects. Hakim Ajmal dawakhana is dedicated to supplying healing of diseases of kids, men, women, and common infections, for example Flu, Fever, headache, cough, etc. His dawakhana is helping public treatment with the herbal drugs, herbal supplements since long time.

Supernatural Herbal Prescriptions:

The Ajmal Dawakhana is identified to have original 84 supernatural herbal prescriptions. He concurrently reputable a marketable project the Hindustani Dawakhana to produce Ayurvedic and Unani remedies and concerned a dictate that doctors working in the Sharif Manzil might only urge medications from the Dawakhana.


There are many branches of Ajmal Dawakhana in the Pakistan and in sub-continent. Hakim Sheikh Mohammod Ali Tayyebi of Tayyebi Dawakhana Karachi and Hakim Hafiz Mohammad Saeed of Hamdrad Karachi were the unblemished reminiscences of Great Hakim Ajmal Khan. In the modern age, Hakim Ajmal Dawakhana has played a momentous role in spreading the Unani tibb.

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