General Diseases

General Diseases

General Diseases

There are many categories of diseases of which you should remain aware because these are very harmful to your life.

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Labub Kabir Ajmali

Sold: 1614

Labub Kabir Ajmali is a sugar/honey based semi-solid natural preparation known compound of Islamic Tibb. It contains 40 high-quality natural ingredients that are helpful in strengthening the brain, nerves and the muscles. Labub Kabir increases rigidity, sexual vigor, the density of semen and sperm count, also controls spermatorrhoea. It also strengthens the kidneys. Labub Kabir … Continue reading Labub Kabir Ajmali

Habbe Amber Momyai

Sold: 1277

Habbe Amber Momyai is a safe brain, heart and general tonic with no side effects and incredible rate of success. Composed of natural ingredients including Amber, Musk, Saffron and several traditional esteemed herbs and minerals. It is also an effective preparation for preserving potency and vigor by potentiating the vital organs. Habbe Amber Momyai removes … Continue reading Habbe Amber Momyai

Habbe Khas

Sold: 1057

Habbe Khas It is Cardiac, cerebral and stomach tonic. Agent for maintaining body heat. Dosages: 1 tablet after meal two times a day. Or as directed by the physician. Packing Size: 20tabs

Labub Barid

Sold: 921

Labub Barid is useful in high blood pressure. It strengthens the nerves. It is effective in sexual debility, general weakness, and oligospermia. Increases thickness of semen. Dosages : Adult:- 3g to 5g with a cup of milk (Tea Spoon approx) Or Maa-ul-laham Ajmali before breakfast. Children:- 1g to 3g with a cup of milk before … Continue reading Labub Barid

Habbe Aasab | For Nerves & Muscles

Sold: 899

Habbe Aasab gives strength to nerves. It also helps in reducing the stiffness of muscles from all over the body. Alleviate the tension from muscles and loosen up the stiffness. Many are experiencing problems and many have overcome them, but some are so weak that they can get it on their nerves and that is … Continue reading Habbe Aasab | For Nerves & Muscles

Gas Mint | For Flatulence

Sold: 789

Digestive problems can be troublesome and mortifying. Our gas mint product efforts swiftly to reduce flatulence, gas, abdominal discomfort and indigestion.  Contains the main ingredient named as badyan which is capable to eliminate bloating and feeling of heaviness after eating. Gas mint works as carminative and able to treat heartburn and inflammation and it also … Continue reading Gas Mint | For Flatulence

Roghan Gesu Daraz | Makes Hair Strong & Long

Sold: 639

Roghan Gesu Daraz Everyone wants strong, healthy, dark, shiny hair, and a good crop of hair can take years off your appearance by making you look more graceful and younger. However, hair falling is another common problem in both men and women in Pakistan. Stress, prolonged illnesses, and nutritional deficiencies are some of the major … Continue reading Roghan Gesu Daraz | Makes Hair Strong & Long

Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad | Best Heart Tonic

Sold: 633

Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad is an effective and famous Unani medicine for strengthening the heart and other vital organs of the body. Regulates the heartbeat and increases circulation and formation of pure and healthy blood. This Khamira is particularly useful in removing the weakness of the heart. It Rectifies palpitation and depression quickly. Strengthens the … Continue reading Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad | Best Heart Tonic

Majun Murraweh-ul-Arwah

Sold: 452

Indication: Majun Murraweh-ul-Arwah is protectant of the natural heat of the body (Hararat e Azizi). It increases the mating period with more virulent also strengthens nerves and increases memory. Helpful in sexual debility and give strength to nerves. Dosage: 1-2g with 1 cup of milk before sleep Packing Size: 100gm

Majun Jalali

Sold: 425

Majun Jalali is a unique Ajmal medicine which aims at improving fertility by improving sperm count and making the sperm denser. It can also be used as a general or nerve tonic. Moreover, It is the perfect medicine for patients with low sperm count,  sluggish motility. It is also effective for high abnormality rate.  Improves … Continue reading Majun Jalali

Gin Six Ajmali | For Physical Strength

Sold: 409

Gin Six Ajmali is an effective herbal medicine from Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan used for increase in strength, stamina, and increase in vitality for males. It is a polyherbal product, produced from the herbs Tribulus Terrestris, Withania somxifera, and Panax ginseng. It is formulated as per the guidelines of the latest scientific research. Keeps the … Continue reading Gin Six Ajmali | For Physical Strength

Majun Jalinus Lulvi

Sold: 371

Indication: Majun Jalinus Lulvi act as an aphrodisiac. It improves male sexual power, removes debility of each organ as well as maintains vigor and vitality of sexual organ. It is also Produces plenty of pure and good blood. Removes general debility. Dosages: 5g. With Luke Warm Milk Before Breakfast. Or As Directed By The Physician. … Continue reading Majun Jalinus Lulvi

Habbe Khas Bara Hakim Saab

Sold: 349

Indication: Habbe Khas Bara strengthens principal organs like heart, liver, and brain. A best nervine tonic. Increases vitality and vigor. Dosage: 1 Tablet with water two times a day, Or as directed by the physician. Packing Size: 20tabs.

Habbe Jawahar | Strengthens Heart & Body

Sold: 327

Indication: Habbe Jawahar strengthens the heart and useful in palpitation. It is beneficial in general body weakness and lethargy. It is also useful in post convalescence of long term ailments. Moreover, it regains vitality strengthens the sensory and motor parts of the brain and improve the function of its gray matter. Cardio brain tonic. Dosage: … Continue reading Habbe Jawahar | Strengthens Heart & Body

Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water) | For Eye & Skin Disorders

Sold: 270

Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water) is produced by steam distillation of fresh rose petals. Arq-e-Gulab contains all-natural ingredients, there is no artificial ingredients and is renowned as the most traditional of all facial cleansers. Arq-e-Gulab is effective for irritation, redness, and inflammation of the eyes. It is also a mild laxative especially for infants. Arq Gulab provides … Continue reading Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water) | For Eye & Skin Disorders

Roghan Narial (Coconut Oil) | Make Hair Strong & Long

Sold: 256

Roghan Narial (Coconut Oil) increases hair and keeps them shiny and smooth. If the oil is applied as soon as the skin is burnt then it will not blister. Stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. This oil can be used topically as well as eaten. Dosage: Massage the oil on the scalp as needed. … Continue reading Roghan Narial (Coconut Oil) | Make Hair Strong & Long

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