A disease that results in a shortage of calcium in the body is known as Hypocalcemia. This is a disease that affects the various other parts of the body due to the deficiency in calcium level of the body. A better solution with the prescribed herbal calcium deficiency treatment of an expert can clear this deficiency and result in a healthy and fit life.

Long Term Calcium Deficiency

There can be several outcomes externally or internally that a body may have to suffer from Long-term calcium deficiency. Some of the rare examples caused by this are dental problems, mental disorders, and weakness in body structure that result in weakness of bones. One of the biggest problems of Hypocalcemia in many cases is that it doesn’t have an early symptom, which is the root cause that people don’t pay any attention to it.

However, this is the most general deficiency in the body that can be cured with proper nutrition and treatment. As mentioned above, hypocalcemia has mild symptoms, therefore many people don’t pay any attention to it. This medical condition can lead to some life-threatening situations and can cause a huge effect on your body structure if left untreated. We would like to address this general health problem with some of the most possible solutions that a person can do either he is suffering from Hypocalcemia or not.

Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

There is no doubt just like vitamins and other minerals, calcium is the most important thing. A valid portion of calcium and vitamins plays an important role to keep your body refreshing and away from various general health-related problems which could result in serious illness with time. As a result, calcium deficiency can be the root cause of disturbance in your body. This health condition also has a list of main calcium deficiency symptoms.

Muscle Weakness

A common problem that a human body may have to suffer from hypocalcemia in bones is aches, pain, stiffness, and hypocalcemia symptoms related to it. In some cases, this could even result in pain in your legs and shoulder while you walk or often move. Shivering and dullness in the arms, feet, and legs can be seen externally. The other major thing due to this is that these causes of problems do appear after some time. Sometimes they disappear and in many cases, they even don’t occur for a long time. But this doesn’t mean that it has gone away. This problem requires proper treatment to cure or otherwise it could result in underlying medical problems.


This is one of the major problems suffered from the human body as to when calcium deficiency hits the body. It results in many other problems which lead to stiffness, deficiency in energy to perform any task, insomnia, and problems similar to it. All of these things lead to weakness in the strength of the brain, confusion, as well as loss of memory problems. Fatigue is one of major in calcium deficiency symptoms.

The Shape of Skin and Nails 

One of the very common facts to check the deficiency of calcium is the appearance of some kind of small or big white dots on nails. There are also many other factors like dry skin, dullness, brightness, and patches are the factors that can be noticed very often. The shape of nails is also affected like the broken, dusty, and crispy type.

Dental Appearance

A list of some other problems in teeth can be seen due to deficiency of calcium. This also can cause tooth cavities, broken teeth from edges, weakness in gum roots, and bleeding gums. There are some other common symptoms that can also be observed externally in the dental structure of a human body.

Herbal Medicines for Hypocalcemia

Herbal treatment 

Herbal treatment for hypocalcemia is the best medium that can be taken daily with the prescription of an herbal physician. As the herbal physician will diagnose the status and level of the hypocalcemia and further suggest you the best dose of medicine according to your health condition. Taking herbal treatment for hypocalcemia without any prescription can lead to some serious health problems. Therefore it is suggested to always consult with your physician first before taking any medicine.

Qurs Sadaf

This is one of the best herbal medicine to overcome the deficiency of calcium in your body. Qurs Sadaf is advised by physicians at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan according to the condition of the patient so that you may have the best possible outcome regarding your calcium deficiency. This herbal medicine is the best use to overcome calcium deficiency.

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