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Do you want to prolong the orgasm and remove the sexual debility? You’re facing sexual anxiety as you’re making sex a short-lived event. You want to last longer and end premature ejaculation. No worries, our Unani Dawakhana and best Hakeems would assist you with the desi medicines. Natural Herb products effectively prolong sexual pleasure and increase endurance power. In this article, you’ll learn about the treatment of premature ejaculation with the best herbal medicines in Pakistan.

The Chinese tested traditional medicine spray for premature ejaculation, and the experiment has proven safe and effective. Studies have proven that herbal or Ayurveda medicines improve IELT (intravaginal ejaculatory latency time) better than any other medication. Consult our Hakeem today and live a more satisfying sex life.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a sexual disorder in which the male has less than 1 minute of IELT (intravaginal ejaculatory latency time). It is one of the most common diseases as 1 out of 3 men face premature ejaculation. It causes due to many reasons like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Once, it has been associated with psychological conditions only, but now research has shown a lacking component in the brain that causes premature ejaculation.

The treatments of premature ejaculation have versatile ways. From traditional medicines to pharmacological medicines, it can get cured with various methods. Some are as follows:

  • You can try relaxation techniques and distraction methods.
  • Doctors recommend pharmacological drugs such as oral drugs and local drugs. Oral medications mainly include antidepressive drugs, while local drugs include intracavernosal injective drugs and local urethra drugs.
  • Most physicians recommend specific exercises like pelvic exercise.
  • In Pakistan, people prefer to visit Hakeem and take desi medicines. Research has proved that the Unani medicine treats sexual weakness better than all other treatments.
  • In some cases, it gets better over time.

Why Prefer Unani Medicine Over Pharmaceutical Medicine?

Do you know the reason most folks prefer Unani medicine over pharmaceutical medicine? There are many reasons to say so. Let’s discuss the following.

  • Unani medicine is mostly 100% chemical-free
  • Less adverse effects.
  • Most herbal medicines contain aphrodisiac, which has proven to be effective for increasing sexual desire and functionality.
  • Unani medicine is convenient to use.

herbal medicines

Herbal medicine is the study of pharmacognosy, which primarily consists of studying and researching herbal plants. The herbal medicine is mainly powder, tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts, and fresh or dried plants. They do have contraindication and side effects.

Herbal medicines have significant importance in Pakistan. People prefer to visit a Hakeem or an Unani Dawakhana than a doctor. The best Hakeem of the subcontinent has proven themselves by working hard and curing many people.


  • Herbal medicine can react with pharmaceutical medicines, so it should be taken to care for a proper physician or Hakeem.
  • Never stop taking prescribed pharmaceutical medication for herbal medicine. It is better to discuss it with your Hakeem or visit an Unani Dawakhana.

Benefits herbal medicines

  • Herbal medicine is perfect for treating diseases of male health, such as premature ejaculation.
  • Herbal medicines are almost chemical-free.
  • It mostly has potent agents as active ingredient.
  • They are cheap and have a more negligible side effect.
  • It not only treat male health issues but has also proven effectively beneficial for diabetes, heart, digestive system treatment.
Best Herbal Medicines in Pakistan for the Cure of Premature Ejaculation

Well, our main concern in the article is finding the best treatment for premature ejaculation. Hence, herbal medicine is the solution for the treatment. Desi medicines and natural herbal products play a significant role. Well, let’s discuss some herbal medicines that treat premature ejaculation. I’ve listed four herbal medicines in Pakistan as below:

Habbe Mumsik Mushki Khas

Habbe Mumsik Mushki Khas is a herbal medicine used for treating premature ejaculation. It increases the timing and endurance during sexual intercourse. It reduces anxiety and makes you last longer. Hence it is considered to be the best herbal medicine in Pakistan.

Tila Khas No.1

Tila khas No. 1 prevents premature ejaculation. The demand for Tila khas has tremendously increased over a decade. It removes sexual debility and strengthens the penis. Aphrodisiac is the main ingredient, which has proven to be the best active ingredient to treat any kind of sexual disorder. Hence it is one of the best herbal medicine in Pakistan for treating sexual debility.

Majoon Mughalliz Jawahar

Majoon Mughalliz Jawahar is a highly effective herbal product in treating premature ejaculation. It is the best herbal medicine in Pakistan for treating sexual male health. It increases the density and viscosity of semen. Our desi medicine doesn’t have any side effects after all. No chemical has been added to treatments; hence it is 100% natural.

Qurs Mumsik Jadi

Qurs Mumsik Jadid is the best herbal medicine to treat premature ejaculation. It cures the depressed libido and improves the lack of vitality. It also helps in the treatment of nightfall. Most of the men face nightfall once or more in their life. Try our herbal product to cure your sexual health.

Been Medication Hakeem Ajmal Khan

Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan has a versatile range of herbal products and single herbs as well. Our Male herbal product has vast popularity all over Pakistan. Our product range varies above 350 products. Most of our herbal products are also DRAP approved as well. Our best Hakeems in our Unani Dawa khana prescribe you the best herbal medicines according to your body needs. Feel free to contact us.

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