High blood pressure is a commonly increasing issue around the globe, the population of Pakistan is also immensely affected by it. It has a rate of 18% possibility among the youth and more than 35% in adults, according to the National Health Survey of Pakistan. We know how scary it is, to think that one of the most important fluids of our body (blood), on which the whole organ system is dependent, can be the cause of silent death. Yes, hypertension is a deadly issue that can affect the human heart. A high blood pressure puts a strain on the heart and blood vessels, it can cause strokes of minor and major intensities and if not taken care of, it can lead to innumerable ceaseless heart diseases. And you’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do to keep your heart healthy and well-protected.

So, for your ease, we have made a list of a few remedies that have proven to be successful when treating HBP, they are inclusive of different exercises, natural herbs, and oils with some other secrets! Give this a read if you want to know why and how to lower high blood pressure.

Why high blood pressure is called the silent killer?

Blood is the most important and continuously flowing fluid of your body; it has access to every nook and corner of your organ system. Every organ, including the most important ones such as the heart and the brain, is reliant on blood to provide them with nutrients and organs. Surely, you wouldn’t want to be betrayed by it! But on a serious note, hypertension usually shows no or little symptoms.

People with the issue do not even realize there is something wrong until they come across a major setback in a random routine. This is the reason why it’s called the silent killer; it quietly damages the effected body until it gets out of hand. High BP can cause major heart problems and can lead to endless heart-related ailments such as heart attack, heart failure, and even kidney diseases. It should be treated as early as possible and we, who care to have a long and healthy life, must set our diet accordingly and with minimal medications. Let’s see what could be eaten to lower high blood pressure.

What should you eat to lower high blood pressure?

1. Intake Potassium-Rich Food:

A diet plan sounds horrendous when it consists of only boring vegetables or boiled rice and nobody wants to follow it unless necessary. However, some potassium-rich food can make your nutritional intake interesting and easy-going. Potassium, being such an important mineral, is present in a lot of exciting foods and is useful when it comes to lowering down high blood pressure. A Spanish idiom goes, “Matar dos pájaros de un tiro” which means to solve two problems with one solution and it sits quite right when potassium is linked with high blood pressure.

Firstly, it lowers down the effect of salt in the body and cuts off the sodium present which cleans out the blood brings the pressure back to normal. Secondly, it reduces tension and pressure on the blood vessels. It is extremely important for people suffering from HPB to cut down their salt intake because salt retains body fluid which increases the pressure of the blood. Moreover, the compression in blood vessels can cause blood to pump at a faster rate and misbalance the pressure.

To give flavor to your food, when reducing salt intake, you can use cinnamon (دار چینی) and different spices to give it a good taste. And to make your nutriment more potassium-rich, you can have nuts and seeds of different kinds, such as chestnuts (سنگھاڑے) and almonds (بادام). Raisins (منقٰی) can be used as well, as they have a good amount of potassium in them which helps to lower high blood pressure. They have many other benefits for good skin that is smooth and shiny. Since it is full of nutrients like Vitamin C and Zinc, it is essentially advantageous for the skin as well as hair. These bite-size dry fruit can give you a naturally glowing look, all you need to do is soak them in water and enjoy them later.

2. Devour Delicious Berries:

Who doesn’t like berries? They are cutesy, colorful, juicy, and tasty! In addition to all this, berries are a great source of polyphenols, a compound that is great for your heart. They help in lowering down the blood pressure and preventing heart conditions as well as diabetes. Moreover, this compound reduces the systematic inflammation which is one of the causes of hypertension. Berries can be added to your diet as a part of a snack as they provide quick energy and flavor, too. They can be combined with dark chocolate or cocoa, which would satisfy your taste buds and keep the heart healthy and strong.

Fig (انجیر) can be a source of potassium which helps in lowering high blood pressure; it has a juicy flavor and tastes amazing in cookies. Amla (آملہ) which is also known as Indian gooseberry is an instant solution to high blood pressure. Even though the berry is somewhat bitter and sour, it can help in lowering down blood pressure immediately when mixed and taken with water. It also goes well with raw honey, which is an astounding solution for hypertension.

Making figs a part of your life can help you in a hundred different ways, but most importantly it makes you look and feel young. It is a handful of nourishment that controls the aging effect, keeps your skin wrinkle-free, clean from acne, and fresh. Amla, on the other hand, is, unsurprisingly called the superfood of hair with its natural remedial properties to treat damaged hair, control hair loss, and work as a conditioner. It is an all-rounder which girls wish to have for their hair!

3. Ingest Calcium-Rich Food:

Since childhood, one nutrient is made known as the most important one to us – calcium. It improves immunity, makes the bones resilient, the mind strong, and whatnot. But did you know that calcium-rich foods are an amazing source to lower high blood pressure? Yes, calcium is a common nutrient present in most of our diet plans; dairy foods specifically have a good amount of calcium.

People who have a low amount of calcium have a problem with high blood pressure, according to multiple studies. Lack of this nutrient can cause our blood arteries and vessels to tighten up which can cause the BP to rise. To lower down high blood pressure, you can make use of honey (شہد). It is a rich source of calcium, and helps in clearing up the vessels and relaxing them. It is an attractive ingredient to many women, especially because of its tremendous properties which help with hair care.

Honey hair masks are becoming increasingly common. Because it penetrates to the core of the hair, and bring back the natural luster of the hair. An herb which you can make a part of your diet is Fennel Seeds (سونف) as it is rich in calcium. It also helps with regulating a normal pressure of blood, so hypertension is cured. Other than calcium, it is also rich in zinc which is known to help retain the healthy glow of the skin. You can eat it raw with sugar or you can put it in your food for flavoring, it works both ways.

4. High Protein Food:

Protein-rich foods are principally a part of everyone’s nutritious diet; the nutrient has many benefits and makes the human body healthy and strong. It is a nutrient that helps with almost everything, be it health, skin, hair, or nail; protein has got it all. A managed and measured amount of protein is also found beneficial for the heart and blood pressure.

The reason behind it is that it makes the blood vessels healthier which enables a regular flow of blood. Not only this, but protein milkshake has also shown a very positive impact to lower high blood pressure in bodybuilders or gym-goers. It is a source of energy and also manages the flow of internal body fluids. Some herbs which are rich in protein can be added to your nutritional plan.


These herbs include turmeric (ہلدی) which has a variety of uses and can be added to the food for color and flavor. It has curcumin, a compound that helps in widening and relaxing the blood vessels meanwhile inhibiting enzymes that narrow them. This helps in regulating the normal flow of blood and that explains how it can help with high blood pressure.

A lot of females use turmeric for their skin. They love and prefer how shiny and glowing it makes the skin. You must have seen many desi brides covered in the herb. It clears the skin of all discoloring and gives it a fresh look.

Poppy Seeds

Other than this, for maintaining Blood Pressure poppy seeds (خشخاش) can be used. Poppy seeds have the right amount of protein and acid known as oleic acid that helps fight against hypertension. They can be added to tea after soaked in water and have proven to be mighty advantageous for HPB patients.

Red Chili Powder

Red Chili Powder (سرخ مرچ) is also known to help with high blood pressure. It contains capsaicin which helps in relaxing the blood vessels and make the blood flow easier with lower pressure. You might want to use it in your food in replacement of salt as salt has sodium which is harmful to patients of hypertension.

What should you do to lower high blood pressure?

1. Exercise And Meditate:

Every doctor or physician emphasizes a whole lot on exercise so that humans can stay healthy and energetic. But it is one of the best preventive remedies from heart diseases and to lower high blood pressure. It does not only clear out the extra fluid contaminating your blood, but it also makes the blood pressure balanced and ideal. Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises are the best for this purpose, such as jogging, walking, and swimming.

Many athletes take specific herbs after exercising and for meditation. These herbs make them relaxed, gets rid of post-workout fatigue, and helps them regain energy. Green tea helps a lot of times, it has been known to improve metabolism and helps with cardiovascular health. It helps in staying slim and smart, as well, while providing you with an appropriate amount of carbs. Herbs that can be used include Ginseng (جنسنگ); it supports digestion and helps in maintaining good cognitive health. We are sure, you already very well-aware of the never-ending benefits of exercising but hope that this would be a source of motivation for you.

2. Manage Stress:

It sometimes seems impossible to manage stress and it is a pandemic still under question. However, stress has a direct effect on your blood pressure; it heightens the pressure of the fluid to an extent that it starts affecting your internal organs. Meditation can help a lot with stress, but you must try to avoid stress triggers. Ignorance is bliss at times. It fits well when you are a worrisome person as it exposes you to many cardiovascular diseases. You may find the use of essential oils and some soothing herbs, such as Tea Tree Oil and Lavender (اسطخودوس). Both of these have a soothing effect, their smell is calming and alleviates stress and anxiety. Lavender is also used to help with insomnia and reinforce a good sleep. Managing your stress will help you to lower down high blood pressure.

3. Lose Weight:

It is no wonder or a secret that obesity or abnormal weight is a cause and reason behind many ailments. High blood pressure is one of those. Doctors prescribe a tough diet to people with above-normal weights so that their cardiac system stays as protected as possible. You can make use of Ginger (سنڈھ) and Oregano (نیاز بو) in your dietary plans to ensure a healthy weight loss. They add flavor and also contain a good amount of nutrient. Gingerol in ginger is essentially important in lowering down blood pressure as it relaxes the blood vessels. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a good, healthy body? We know how many problems we can dodge by just keeping our weight under control. It is also a very important answer for how to lower high blood pressure. 

Herbal Medicines for Lowering Blood Pressure

1. Ajmaleen 54

Ajmaleen is effective medicine in reducing blood pressure. It helps in reducing blood pressure slowly and makes it in normal range. It also eliminates agitation, perplexity, insomnia and restlessness. The major ingredient of Ajmaleen 54 is Rauwolfia Serpentina that was extensively used by the great Hakim Ajmal Khan for treating High Blood Pressure. The formula of Ajmaleen 54 was formulated by Great Hakim Ajmal Khan. Ajmaleen 54 has proved its efficiency in the treatment of high blood pressure and is considered as an effective herbal remedy for High Blood Pressure. It is 100% natural herbal medicine with no side effects. It slowly lowers the blood pressure bringing it to normal ranges.

2. Dawa-ul-Shifa Ajmali

Dawa-ul-Shifa Ajmali is effective for high blood pressure. It reduces blood pressure gradually to its normal ranges. In Unani Medicinal System, Dawa-ul-Shifa Ajmali is considered the best medicine for the treatment of high blood pressure problems. Additionally, it purifies the blood and prevents acne and other skin problems.

3. Itrifal Sharifi

Itrifal Sharifi another herbal medicine that is useful in high blood pressure problems. It help reduces high blood pressure and removes restlessness from the body. Itrifal Sharifi is also beneficial in sleeplessness.

4. Majun Chobchini Banuskha Kalan

Majun Chobchini Banuskha Kalan is another effective herbal medicine for lowering high blood pressure. It also acts as blood purifier, removing toxins from the blood and strengthens the blood flow. With the use of Majun Chobchini Banuskha Kalan, you can also improve your complexion. It is effective in purging malhumors, blood impurities from the body. It prevents acne, pimples, boils, itch, and other skin eruptions.

There is so much that you can do to avoid having an HBP issue, and you must try to lower high blood pressure. If you are looking to buy any of the above-mentioned herbal medicines, you can visit Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan or place your order online. The article is based on evaluative researches in the medical field but you must opt for medical advice if the issue of hypertension gets out of hand.

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