Body aches and pains might be a part of life, but they are not a cakewalk. At times, it gets extremely difficult to deal with uncertain discomfort and trouble which come with pain. Stomach ache, especially, is incredibly testing to deal with because it comes in such different variations, with so many different intensities. Sometimes we don’t even know why our abdomen is aching and keep wondering what we ate or drank last to reach a reason. Even then, it is very tough to find a solution or to know how to get rid of stomach ache in 5 minutes or so.

It is one of the most common problems in Pakistan, the reason behind might be the heavy intake of spicy food and also unfortunate drinking of impure water, although, that doesn’t summarize the cause and consequences of the pain. But we did a lot of digging and research to find reasons that why could this kind of pain occur, why is it dangerous and what can be done to get rid of stomach ache fast.

Reasons For Stomach Ache

1. Appendicitis:

Appendicitis is a reason for an unbearable stomach ache; it is a very severe health problem that needs to be treated as soon as possible. It is due to the appendix that is located near your large intestine and helps in fighting infections. However, if there is a blockage inside the appendix, it might get inflamed and swollen.

If not treated and operated on instantly, it can burst open and poison other organs. To avoid this disease, you must intake food rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits. You can find out about helpful herbs and herbal medicines to prevent appendicitis, just keep on reading to learn more!

2. Ulcer:

If we don’t take enough care of our body, we are going to face some long-lasting consequences, that is a given. If you take too many anti-inflammatory drugs, it can break the stomach’s guard against the acid that helps indigestion. This leads to the stomach lining being damaged which is a cause of stomach ulcers. It is an extremely painful chronic disease, which causes inflammation, irritation, abdominal cramps, and many other stomach related problems along with intense stomach ache.

It needs to be treated urgently as it can cause damage to other organs of the human body and even then, a whole shift in the diet plan is required to stay on the safer side. You are recommended to go see a doctor for this, but for the soothing and relaxation of the ache, you can take fiber-rich foods so that the acids in the stomach are lowered.

3. Constipation:

It has been a serious problem in people of all ages, and the worst part is that it comes with extreme Stomach Ache, nausea, and loss of appetite. It is more common in women and with the bloating and can become pretty problematic and embarrassing. If you ever faced such a problem, you’d know that all looking for an instant solution. Unfortunately, to get completely rid of the issue some necessary dietary changes are needed to be made.

It is caused by pressure which builds up in between the colon and small intestine, as well as lack of exercise and dehydration. So first of all, you’ll need to drink a lot of water and secondly, have good and healthy food rich in fiber. We have a list of herbs that’ll help you overcome the problem within minutes, such as Prunes (آلو بخارا) and Rhubarb (ریوند چینی). Read more to find out how they can be helpful!

4. Lactose Intolerance:

A very common, yet risky digestive disorder which is common in especially Asia and Africa is Lactose Intolerance. As the name suggests, the patient isn’t able to digest dairy-related products, especially sugary dairy food. It is because of the main carbohydrate present in them called lactose which needs enzyme lactase to be digested.

The symptoms can be of variation for this stomach illness, diarrhea, bloating and cramps can also come along with stomach pain and so it can be really difficult to deal with. It can be a by-birth problem but it can also be formed in later years, intake of food like milk and cheese could bring it about.

However, the solution to it is not that complicated as the pain and problems of the intolerance can be averted by a change in the diet plan. You just need to lower (or unfortunately for some, bring an end to) your dairy intake. Other fiber-rich foods such as broccoli and spinach help and some dry foods can also be good at filling up your body with nutrients that it’s missing. Being careful and proactive is all you need to be to protect yourself.


There could be so many reasons for Stomach Ache, and as mentioned before, of so many kinds. The pain in your abdomen can be caused by something as simple as a reaction of food you took; it can be a consequence of gastritis, parasite infection, or even kidney stones.

The article mentions a lot of different techniques to deal with the pain but for that, you would need to know what has caused the pain. It can vary from being acute to the extreme, and the reasons can be severe as well as normal. But fortunately, it can be averted and controlled with an intake of certain sustenance and nourishment, and we are here to guide you through it in a natural way.

Why Stomach Ache needs To Be Treated Instantly:

Other than the apparent fact that it’s painful to endure and can cause a halt in your daily life activities, stomach aches can be dangerous in ceaseless ways if not treated instantly. If not treated correctly, as a result of increasing infections, the mouth and throat might start to swell. It could cause death! Yes, something as normal and monotonous as stomach pain can be a cause of death if the reason behind it is not looked up and if it is not cured.

Especially, as mentioned above, appendicitis can lead to life-threatening infections if it bursts open, which is likely to happen if it’s not immediately treated or removed. Our diet plays a major role here, as our stomach is what stores all the food, breaks it down, and sends it to the respective organ. You can consider it as a storage tank of the human body because if it wasn’t there we would have to constantly intake food to feel full.

The entire digestive system also depends on the stomach because it is where the digestive enzymes and acids are created to break down the food. That is why eating healthy is recommended, because unhealthy food is usually not processed well in the stomach which leads to problematic chronic illnesses such as HBP, cholesterol, and even heart risks. Women, especially, need to take care of their stomach as an unhealthy stomach can lead to immense pain during pregnancy and menstruation. Here are some natural ways to see how you can take care of your stomach and ease the pain.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Ache In 5 Minutes

1. Try Ginger (سنڈھ):

For a long time, people have considered ginger a superfood because of its supernatural healing properties. Be it sore throat, muscular pain, nausea, morning sickness, or our current concern – stomach ache, ginger has got it all under control. Ginger (سنڈھ) has anti-inflammatory properties which help in cutting down the hyperacidity inside your stomach and provide instant relief.

It can be taken in various forms but ginger ale might not be as great as fresh ginger. Many people have reported relief to some extent in their pain after consuming ginger tea. Add in some peppermint and chamomile, you’ll experience a much better taste and also a relief in sore muscles.

All three of these have soothing properties that help in composing the nerves and tension which takes over after a painful experience, but also some anti-oxidants that guarantee relief from stomach pain. Pregnant women can make this a part of their pre-breakfast intake as it is extremely helpful with curing morning sickness as well as cramping.

2. Increase in Fiber Consumption:

Fiber-rich food can help immensely with constipation as they stimulate the excretion of the bowel, especially in women. This helps in reducing pressure around the colon and lowers stomach pain instantly, at the same time as ensuing normal eating routine so that proper nourishment can be digested.

Fiber can be consumed in several ways, mainly vegetables and fruits. But prunes (آلو بخارا) have proven to be extremely helpful in this situation, as they contain natural laxative acid which helps in bowel movement. It is usually consumed in form of juice, take a glass of it in the morning and evening, surely you’ll find it relieving. You can also intake Apple Muraba (مربہ سیب) and Carrot Muraba (مربہ گاجر) as they are also rich in fiber and aids in providing nourishments that of fruits and vegetables.

Chebulic Myrobalan (مربہ ہریڑ) is a fiber-rich herb which is very efficient when it comes to constipation. All you need to do is mix it with water and drink it two times a day. Not only does it helps with stomach pain treatment from constipation, but also improves immunity so that your body becomes stronger towards infections and bacteria. Lastly, a handful of fiber-rich nuts such as almonds (بادام) and walnuts (اخروٹ) can help you with constipation and stomach ache, because of their antioxidant properties.

3. Have Some Fig (انجیر):

Fig (انجیر) is something that comes to our mind when we think of clear skin and long hair, but this tasty fruit has something more to offer. In the books of Islamic religion, the fig is said to be a healing food multiple times as it is a great input for hydration as well as tasty in flavor.

And fortunately, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which also helps in neutralizing acids in the stomach and reducing reflux. This is a great cure to the ulcer, as the natural sugar and potassium are just what the stomach needs at times. Figs help with digestion which is the major hurdle when it comes to ulcers but it also is rich in fiber which is a heaven-sent property when it comes to treating stomach aches and reducing bloating. The amino acid present in the fruit helps in the relaxation of the muscles as well, it is incredibly beneficial when it comes to treating aches.

4. Pursue Low Fodmap Diet:

Consistent abdominal pain and bloating can indeed be irritating and a huge discomfort, even if there is not a real harmful reason behind them. To reduce the ache and keep it from happening from small intervals, the Low FODMAP Diet is being used and pursued by many people. It is proven to be extremely helpful as it is an easy diet, you just have to avoid certain food and take in the sustenance useful for you.

Following this diet would not only help with avoiding Stomach Aches but also keep away bloating, nausea, and other problems like diarrhea and gastric issues. It is keeping away from dairy foods, so it is also helpful for Lactose Intolerance patients. The foods you can intake during a FODMAP diet are fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and non-dairy products. A small number of nuts and seeds can also be helpful such as walnut (اخروٹ), peanuts, and nutmeg (جائفل). This is an easy and very common diet to be followed, and it is so efficient in providing quick relief to stomach pain. It is also efficient to maintain body weight so you can rely on them.

5. Brat Diet:

As a parent, waking up in the middle of the night to your shrieking toddler can be on the top of the list of worst fears. Often, though, it is just a gastric problem or a stomach ache which has caused your baby discomfort and unease.

The BRAT diet is a common name in the world of parenting; it includes banana, rice, applesauce, and toasts. But most importantly, it is exclusive of all spices and salt. Some adults have also preferred to follow this diet; it is basically what our mothers recommend every time we contract a mild case of diarrhea or food poisoning.

For flavors, adults can take green tea with less sugar and some other bland foods. If the case is not too severe, you can move on to probiotics, especially those with fiber such as garlic and berries like Fig (انجیر) and Amla (آملہ) to add flavor. This diet is a very efficient answer to how to get rid of stomach ache fast.

6. Sprinkle Some Cinnamon (دار چینی):

What a flavor, what an aroma…! It is a wonder why some people dislike cinnamon, it is so incredible to smell, think about how incredible it would be to intake. Fortunately for those who love it, like us, it is a secret enzyme for digestion, just another reason to add a small stick in your food or mix some of its fine powder in your tea.

Yes, cinnamon (دار چینی) is rich in antioxidants which help in digestion and regulation of sustenance once it’s inside the body. It is also immensely competent when it comes to reducing heartburn and nausea by neutralizing stomach acidity. So, if you are having a stomach ache and want to get rid of it quickly, you can add some cinnamon to your diet and take a teaspoon of it with water at least two times a day. It also helps in reducing cramps, especially menstrual cramps, and yes ladies; even though you might not find it the most appetizing at that time but it certainly would help you feel better. It is efficient in relieving bloating and belching as well.

7. Consume Cloves (لونگ):

Sometimes the most boring and weirdest food can be helpful in several different ways. Clove is a very small herb but has many benefits which you wouldn’t have thought of. It has a very common flavor to be found in digestive medicines and laxatives as well. It helps you by reducing gas and improving gastric excretion which means the food is digesting faster than before.

So, if your stomach hurts from eating a lot of food, a teaspoon of cloves (لونگ) with honey can speed up digestion and lower the pressure in your abdomen. You can also intake this herb by mixing it in hot water and taking it in as clove tea. This is why it is considered a very quick way to reduce stomach aches.

8. Cumin (زیرہ سفید):

It is very common to find cumin in almost every food of a desi household and to be fair, it is so flavorful when added to curry or even plain rice. But did you know how good cumin is at Getting Rid Of Stomach Ache Fast? Very! It acts as a microbial so it fights off the bacteria and infection of your stomach while simultaneously reducing intestinal inflammation.

This helps with nausea and heartburn and provides instant relief to sore muscles in the abdomen. Not only this, but this herb also helps in reducing excess stomach gases and speeding up indigestion. You can add powdered cumin to your meals and tea but can also chew it raw, a pinch or so, to find stomach pain.

9. Have Some Basil Leaves (تلسی):

In South Asian foods, basil leaves are quite famously used in food for flavor and seasonings. However, this simple-looking green herb is so efficient in relieving stomach pain and nausea as well. It is almost a superfood when it comes to treating tummy problems, only a teaspoon of crushed basil leaves in water can provide instant relief. A component of basil (تلسی) called eugenol helps in reducing acids in the stomach and improves overall digestion.

It is also helpful in getting rid of cramps and reducing gas. It also contains linoleic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties which are essentially important in reducing bloating. And if you are looking for one more reason to use this in your diet, it is an excellent remedy for clear skin.

10. Cook with Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil (ناریل کا تیل) is the boss of all oils, due to its incredible uses for hair and skin. We all know coconut has properties to remove impurities and when cooked with a portion of light food. The oil can be very useful in breaking down and digesting food rich in fats, it is full of magnesium and potassium which helps indigestion.

It also works great when it comes to reducing gases and acids in the stomach that halt digestion. But most importantly, it is a huge help when it comes to the ulcer with its low-calories properties. It is also essential in reducing muscle spasm and relieving you of a bad stomach ache.

Herbal Medicines For Stomach Ache:

1. Saboos Ispaghol:

If you are looking for something that provides you instant relief from pressure around your colon or constipation. It helps immensely with the increasing problem of fiber deficiency and regulated indigestion. It is one of the most trusted methods in Pakistani households to find relief from constipation. Useful in this regard because of its laxative properties.

And hence, helps in bowel movement. Moreover, it is a great consumption to detox the body, especially when looking to lose or maintain weight. It is also proven to be very effective in clearing skin of pimples and dark spots. So, what’s holding you back from making it a part of your life?

2. Itrifal Mulayyin:

This hundred percent herbal medicine acts as an effective laxative when it comes to taking care of the stomach. It is very useful in the excretion of the bowel and cleansing of the stomach. It is safe to use in adults as well as children but the dosage must vary.

3. Ajmal:

The best thing about natural herbal medicines is that they are very safe to use and reliable. Ajmal here is an amazing and safe solution for a stomach disorder. The gas that’s trapped inside the digestive system can cause excruciating pain, this medicine helps with the secretion. Ajmal is formulated by Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan to treat all abdominal problems including stomach pain and ache.

4. Ajmal Arq Podina:

It is an instant remedy to make digestion better. The water can be taken in a cup before breakfast and it is guaranteed to help with nausea and vomiting. Moreover, it works as a carminative to make digestion better. It is also rich in antioxidants that help the stomach from contracting diarrhea and other related problems.

It is recommended to see a doctor or your physician if the stomach ache gets out of control. Sometimes the best solutions are present in your kitchen. Instead of jumping to commercialized medicines for minor issues, trying natural and herbal remedies would be better in some situations. All the herbal medicines mentioned in this article are available at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. You can place your order online. We hope you find this article useful and fulfilling!

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