Eye Infection occur due to Seasonal changes that includes redness, itchiness, discomfort, and a gritty feeling in one or both eyes, and much more. All eye infection symptoms, cause, and their best preventive measures and treatment that can help you in your daily life will briefly be described in the following article.


One of the very major symptoms that refer to Eye Infection, is the existence of serious itching or irritation near the external or in the internal part of the eye. In problems related to medical health, if the illness is not treated in its early developments then it becomes difficult to cure, which may also result in eye allergies.


No proper attention and eye treatment of this similar condition can also be a root cause for some serious illness. Negligence in the initial stages of weird symptoms related to the eye can also lead to a decrease inability to have a proper vision from your eyes.


In many Eye Infection, early symptoms act as a source of guidance, which also acts as an alarming situation for everyone. Symptoms are also referred to as an indication of some serious risk that can cause a major change in the medical health of anyone. As per the research from medical sciences, symptoms indicate the presence of some medical illness in the human body. It is our daily practice that we don’t take symptoms as a serious thing, we often avoid them until and unless it causes an infection.


Yet, it is advised by doctors to have a deep analysis of your body and if you feel any change in your body then consult a doctor. So, if we start to cure the symptoms in their early stages then it doesn’t result in a serious medical illness.


It is a human character that we often don’t pay serious attention to many things unless it is a serious problem. We have seen the same attitude of many people towards symptoms that causes severe infection and eye allergies. If we consult the herbal physician and take the necessary precaution as guided by him, then there is a chance to prevent your eyes from an infection or eye allergies.

Detailed Analysis

A detailed analysis of all Eye Infection the symptoms that causes an infection in the eyes is mentioned below. Along with their symptoms, we have also mentioned their causes, their mode of prevention, and the best possible herbal medication (recommended to take on the advice of our herbal physician).

Irritation in Eyes

The existence of constant irritation in your eyes is a major symptom of having an Eye Infection. It is a kind of itching that is experienced at the external and in the internal part of the eyeball. This irritation causes you to rub your eyes frequently which causes more damage and leads to an infection.


Long-time reddishness in the eyes is one of the main causes of having an Eye Infection. In a similar case, no proper eye treatment and no use of eye drops that could stop the infection can also cause swelling in the internal structure of your eyes. It usually occurs at the inner lining of eyelids. The eyelid is a transparent lining that is also known as the conjunctiva, which usually covers the major portion of an eye.

Discharge of Mucus from Your Eyes

There can be several reasons for the discharge of mucus from your eyes, but the major reason is due to rapid change in weather conditions. The other reason for the discharge of mucus is due to excessive irritation in the eyes that represents the presence of an infection in the eyes.

Dry Eyes

It is defined as a problem that is caused due to a less amount of lubrication in your eyes. It is due to an unbalanced condition present in your eyes, which causes damage to the mechanism for producing an essential quantity of quality tears. An increase in the number of poor tears causes damage to the surface of the eye.

Watery Eyes

This is one of the common symptoms that leads to a severe infection or eye allergies. In this state of symptoms, tears flow out of the glands above your eyes. Which then spread across the surface of the eyeball. After spreading across the eyeball it drains into the duct that is present at the corner of the eye. When the Eye Infection gets filled with tears then it causes your eye allergies to extremely watery that can be easily seen.


There are often several causes for any underlying medical problem. Most of them depend upon the environment and internal condition of the body. But in the case of eye allergies, the huge factor that is involved in it is environmental conditions. Some of the causes are mentioned below:

  • Pollen: It is defined as one of the biggest causes of a severe infection that has a great impact on our eyes. Instead of only causing infection in the eyes it also causes problems related to breathing, sneezing, and congestion in the human body. Pollen also causes “Allergic conjunctivitis” which is a serious problem that leads to an infection in the eyes, effect of pollen in the atmosphere also causes reddishness, watery or itching in the eyes.
  • Viral Germs: There are various germs that often transport through the air in a form of storms or dust. It sticks to our face then it gets exposed to several parts of the face. As eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body so it easily contracts with such sort of bacteria or germs and causes an infection.
  • Ultraviolet Rays: Direct radiations coming from the sun with no barrier are known as ultraviolet rays. Which directly exposes to your eyes with high temperature. In summers, it is a common practice that causes a deep effect on our eyes due to high temperature.


It is highly recommended to visit an herbal physician at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan or book an appointment online to have a consultation through our online herbal physician. if you report any similar symptoms that we have discussed earlier then you must not delay for a minute and rush towards proper treatment. The use of eye drops and some means of prevention can act as a partial eye treatment for the infection in the eyes in its initial stages. But for proper treatment consultation from our herbal physician at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan is recommended.

Measures to Prevent Severe Infection of Eyes

Here are some preventive measures that you can take as the source of general remedies in case if you observe that your symptoms are in the initial stages. But to prevent a severe infection in your eyes it is recommended to have a proper treatment on the advice of an herbal physician.

  • Giving rest to your eyes by having proper sleep.
  • Protect your surroundings free from pollen trees, polluted particles of dust, and air.
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight.
  • Wash your eyes properly several times a day.
  • Use of good quality sunglasses.
  • Avoid excessive use of lenses.
  • Prevent the use of makeup in hot weather for females.
  • Try to avoid the habit of rubbing your eyes, instead of rubbing use water for removal of itching in your eyes.
  • Properly clean your eyes, you can also use medicated eye drops or ointment with doctor prescriptions to clean your eyes.

Herbal Medication for Prevention of Infection or Allergies in Eyes

Use of herbal treatment, with the advice of our hakim, is the ultimate goal for the prevention of infection or any sort of eye allergies. Herbal medication by Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan provides you a one-stop solution to several of your problems that can lead to eye treatment.

Itrifal Shahtara

Itrifal Shahara is the best blood purifier from Dawakhan Hakim Ajmal Khan. It is an effective herbal eye treatment as prescribed by a herbal physician for the prevention of various medical problems caused due to impurity present in the blood. Itrifal shahtara is highly effective for several infections related to your eyes like redness in eyes, irritation, and itching. As it is a blood purifier so it makes your skin active and fresh. It is a semi-liquid medication that can be taken on the advice of our herbal physician. It also overcomes the environmental effects, infectious diseases, skin problems like rashes and sunburn.

Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water)

Arq-e-Gulab is famously known as Rosewater prepared by the process of distillation of fresh rose petals. It is a mixture of all the effective and preservative-free ingredients. It is the best choice for your use of facial cleansings with no chemicals that can be harmful to your skin. Arq-e-Gulab is a liquid ointment that acts as a helpful resource to provide ease and comfort to your eye treatment. It also prevents itching and redness in the eyes. Proper use of Arq-e-Gulab keeps your skin fresh, active, and free from polluted particles in the atmosphere.


It acts as a protective layer from harmful bacteria that can affect your skin. To treat the inactive cells of the skin Arq-e-Gulab is the best source as the fastest remedy. Dawakhan Hakim Ajmal Khan presents Arq-e-Gulab variety in packaging for ease and comfort customers. We have Arq-e-Gulab in a spray bottle so that it can be treated easily as a facial cleansing by people of every age group. We also have a standard packaging of 800 ml in the form of a big bottle that can act as a refill for the spray bottle or also for daily use.

Consult Our Hakim

It is recommended to consult our hakim at Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan or book an online appointment at Ajmal.pk, to discuss your problem related to health. We recommend you to prevent yourself from self-medication and take proper dose only as per the advice of our herbal physician.

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