Diabetes (Ziabetus)

Diabetes (Ziabetus)

Diabetes is one of the major diseases killing mankind. It can strike anyone in any stage of life. Generally, in this condition, the human body can’t properly produce insulin. Insulin is a type of hormone produced by the pancreas. The role of insulin in the human body is to regulate the amount of sugar levels (glucose) in the blood.

The blood sugar should be warily regulated to ensure that the human body functions appropriately. High blood sugar levels can damage organs, such as blood vessels, and nerves. The human body requires insulin to use sugar for producing energy.

Unani Medicinal System classified diabetes into four categories. Here are the four Unani categories of diabetes.

Classification Of Diabetes (Ziabetus)

Ziabetus is of two types according to the presence or absence of sugar in the urine;

Ziabetees Sada (Diabetes Insipidus):

It is categorized by excessive urination and excessive thirst; however, there are no abnormal levels of sugar seen in the urine.

Ziabetees Shakari (Diabetes mellitus):

It is exemplified by excessive thirst and urination along with the presence of abnormal sugar levels in the urine. In line with the Khiffat and Shiddat (signs and symptoms), the Ziabetees is also of two types;

Ziabetees Haar:

In this type of Ziabetees, acute symptoms occur, such as Kasrat-e-Baul (increase urination) and Atash-e-Mufrit (excessive thirst).

Ziabetees Barid:

In Ziabetees Barid, especially, the level of thirst and the urine frequency is relatively less.

Symptoms Of Diabetes (Ziabetus)

  • Frequent Urination
  • Excessive thrust
  • Always feeling of hungriness
  • Tiredness and Weakness are common
  • Weight variation
  • The low urge of Sex

Causative Factors

  • Psychological function (Infaalat-e-Nafsania) such as anxiety, tension, stress as well as strain.
  • Mood and temperament (Soo-e-Mizaj-e-Kuliya)
  • Overeating
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Unani Management Of Diabetes (Ziabetus)

The Unani Medicinal System has a promising model elucidating all the facets of Diabetes and hence offers a range of herbal medications to treat this disease. In brief, Unani medicines for diabetes are a ray of hope for Ziabetees patients.

In Ziabetees, the vessels and vascular organs are mostly affected. For this reason, the Unani line of treatment of correcting organs may be effective. Also, the correction of temperament (Su-e-Mizaj) could be preventive in the progression of diabetes further.

Unani medication, along with some dietary management, can maintain the normal level of glucose in the blood as well as in urine. Herbal treatment can normalize the functioning of pancreas cells, as compared to modern treatment. In addition to that, Unani treatment is also free from any side effects.

Unani health professionals advise a balanced diet consisting of fiber-rich foods as well as raw vegetables. This balanced diet helps not only normalizes the blood sugar levels but also helps in the management of diabetes and prevent further complications.

Preventive Measures For Diabetes (Ziabetus)

Above all, the risk factors for diabetes are controllable. Most strategies for diabetes prevention involve making simple adjustments to your lifestyle and diet. Here are some changes that you can make to prevent diabetes subsequently.

  • Cut sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet.
  • Make aerobic exercise part of your weekly routine.
  • Lower your risk of heart disease by getting plenty of fiber.
  • Eat more fruits, and vegetables, as well as whole grains.
  • Eat food in chunks.
  • Lose extra weight.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Walk around for a few minutes even 3-4 times a week.
  • Optimize vitamin D levels

Dietary Restrictions For Diabetes (Ziabetus)

  • White potatoes
  • Corns
  • White rice
  • Beets
  • White bread
  • Soda
  • Candy
  • Baked foods
  • White flour
  • Refined sugar

Dietary Recommendations For Diabetes (Ziabetus)

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole-grain bread, brown rice, and oatmeal
  • Low-fat dairy including milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, nuts, and fish, as well as beef.
  • Use artificial sweeteners
  • Sugar-free ice-cream

Single Herbs For Diabetes

Unani Compound For Disbetes (Ziabetus)

End Note: Unani medicines should be taken under the guidance of a certified Unani Physician. In order to get optimum results, patients are required to follow the regimen strictly.