Delegation of Pakistan Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan Factory

Unani Medicinal System is a national heritage that must be protected.  Nothing can be tolerated for the development of Unani medicines and physicians. Delegation of Pakistan is the mission of the great Hakim Ajmal Khan will be carried forward. Pakistan Tibbi Conference is fighting for the survival of the Unani Medicinal System.

These views were expressed by Mr. Hakeem Muhammad Ajmal Sani, Assistant Director of Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan, during a meeting with the Pakistan Tibbi Conference’s delegation on the 24th of September 2020.

The delegation visited various departments

Expressing his views on the occasion, Hakim Mohammad Ahmad Saleemi, the spokesperson/ Member/Chairman Examining Body National Council for Tibb Islamabad, said that the credit for the Unani Medicinal System’s survival in the subcontinent goes to the great Hakim Mohammad Ajmal Khan and the head of the Pakistan Tibbi Conference. He also added that the great Hakim Ajmal Khan established the Unani Medicinal System on a scientific basis.

The research done by Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan in the field of herbal pharmacy cannot be ignored. Many of Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan’s medicines are essential in terms of their quality and effectiveness.

Hakeem Qaiser Naveed Ghumman, head of Pakistan Tibbi Conference for Gujranwala Division, said in his speech that every physician’s honor in the subcontinent is due to the kindness of Ajmal Azam. Ajmal Azam preferred the prestige of herbal medicines and physicians over his personal status.

Hakim Ziaullah Fateh Garhi said that it is no less an honor to be a part of the memorial Tibbi Conference of Ajmal Azam.

Delegation of Pakistan  includes Hakeem Ziaullah Fateh Garhi, Hakeem Qaiser Naveed Ghumman, Hakeem Zahid Hashmi,  Hakeem Abdul Azim Asari,  Hakeem Manzoor Ahmad Hijazi,  Hakeem Nasir Bashir Suhdrawi, Hakeem Amjad Waheed Bhatti, Hakeem Muhammad Jamil Asi,

Hakeem Aqa Bedar Bakht,  Hakeem Zameer Haider, Hakeem Riaz Shahid, Hakeem Syed Iftikhar Haq Bhutta, Hakeem Malik Rauf Awan, Hakeem Irfan, Hakeem Rizwan,

Hakeem Shaukat, Hakeem Imran, Hakeem Adnan, Hakeem Idrees Chauhan, Hakeem Pir Mohammad Afzal, Hakeem Syed Sabih-ur-Rehman, Hakeem Taswar Mohammadi, and Hakeem Shahbaz Chishti.

Physicians from Gujarat, Suhdara, Gujranwala, and other surrounding cities in the delegation thanked Hakim Muhammad Ajmal Sani for his precious time.

It also needs to mention that the Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan was founded by Ajmal Azam’s grandson, Hakim Muhammad Nabi Khan Jamal Suwaida, who was also President of the Pakistan Tibbi Conference.

His son, the renowned scientist, Mian Munir Nabi Khan, has been elected President of the National Council for Tibb by the Pakistan Tibbi Conference. The other son, Mr. Hakeem Mushir Nabi Khan, and his son Mr. Hakeem Mohammad Ajmal Sani supervises the laboratories and provides treatment facilities.

Hakim Mohammad Ajmal Sani bade farewell to the delegation and gave unique gifts from Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. The delegation thanked Syed Mamun Ali for his outstanding cooperation.


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