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6 Immunity Booster Foods to Prevent Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreaks, we are frequently hearing from medical health advisors and medical researchers about how to reduce its exposure and take care of ourselves. There is currently no cure available for coronavirus, but prevention. Primarily, strictly follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations...


Corona Virus or COVID-19 is a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds and can easily jump from animals to humans. The Corona Virus is spreading quickly world-wide. According to worldometer, a live world statistics platform, more than 171,112 people around the world are identified to...

Hakeem Ajmal Dawakhana

Locate Best Hakeem in Pakistan for Best Medical Advice Hikmat and herbal medication has a special place in Eastern society and specially Pakistan. Since ancient times, hikmat has been an integral part of ancient medication and cure. Hakeem who practices hikmat is given special prestige and respect. With the passage...

Ajmal Dawakhana

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