The eastern countries have shown great attention toward herbal products. Herbal shops have gained popularity for a long time. Every disease has a cure in herbal medicine without side effects. You can visit Hakeem for a prescription for herbal medications.  In this article, you’ll get to know a brief overview of herbal shops and products. Do you want to know about the top Hakeem in Pakistan? What’s the best pansori shop near you? What is the best online herbal store? What pansar store to prefer while buying herbal products? All these queries will be answered, so stay tuned with us.

Herbal Shop in Pakistan

Herbal Shop sells Herbal Products, including essence, essential oils, single herbs, and much more. These shops have a vast range and reputation, mainly in Aisa. Herbal medicines have always treated illness more often than conventional medicines. It has become one of the reasons people are looking forward to herbal shops.

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is one of the deadly diseases. The treatment of diabetes is also present in herbal medicines without side effects. Even the medication is chemical-free as well. Unani medication and dietary management can maintain the average level of glucose in the blood and urine. Following single herbs can cure maintain the level of glucose:

Hence, Unani Dawakhana has a solution to your diabetes treatment.

Epistaxis (Rauf)

Herbal products can treat Epistaxis (Rauf) or nose bleed. Conventional medication can’t generally cure a nose bleed. Well, your concerns like how to stop nose bleed will be sorted out in the Unani section. You can intake the following Unani compounds for preventing nosebleeds:

Due to the versatility of Herbal Products, it has ultimate significance in today’s world. There’re thousands of herbal shops in Pakistan, and it’s challenging to find the best herbal shop. How to find 100% natural products and the best herbal shop? There’s a complete guide to find the best herbal shop. You need to know about the following aspects:

  • Which certified Hakeem has affiliated with the herbal shop or Dawakhana?
  • Actual understanding that what’s the pansar shop?
  • Is it 100% organic herb?
  • Is it an online herbal store? And much more.


These days, everyone has acclaimed to be a Hakeem or tib, and it’s getting difficult to find the best Hakeem in town. What to look for top Hakeem in Pakistan? Specific aspects need to keep in mind:

  • From where he gets educated
  • How much did he practice
  • From which institute he was associated.

If you’re looking for top Hakeem, you can visit any Dawa khana Hakeem Ajmal khan branch. We’ve qualified Hakeems and tibs in our Unani Dawa khana. Feel free to contact us. We’re always there to cure your illness.

Pansari shop near me

First, let’s briefly understand what’s the pansari shop? Pansar shop is an indigenous shop that predominantly sells single herb, herbal products, flower essence, essential oil, and all other organic stuff. There’re tons of pansari shops in Pakistan.

If you are finding a pansari shop in Lahore, visit Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan. Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan is considered to be the most trustworthy pansar shop.

Online herbal store

Nowadays, everything is on the internet. It’s has been a privilege to buy things online, and e-commerce business has gained significant importance. The demand for e-commerce has effectively increased in the period of coronavirus.

The online herbal store has also gained popularity in the covid period. In this period, many of the pseudo companies claimed to be online herbal stores. The wrong claims lead to lowering the bars of organic and Herbal Products.

If you’re looking for a 100% natural organic compound, visit our online Dawakhana Ajmal Khan website. We sell single herbs, Unani medication, flower essence, essential oil, and appreciably much more. We’re working in this field since 1948. We’re the proud pioneer of setting the standard for Unani medication.

Is it 100% Organic Herbs?

Your first concern towards the herbs is it organic or 100% natural?

Are you getting the actual herb, or is it just some unknown powder? No anxieties, we’re here to answer all your queries. You can identify the organic herb with the help of a taxonomist. But the process isn’t so simple; it took months and years for a taxonomist to research a single herb.

A new technique has been recently approved, which is the DNA approach. Organic herbs have specific DNA, and the DNA approach can easily recognize them. Highly reputed herb shop has tested herbs with DNA technique.


Reliable herbal shops aren’t easy to find. There are certain components to keep in mind while buying the products online. We’ve discussed the following elements in detail. If you’re looking for a reputable herb shop, visit Dawakhana Ajmal Khan for 100% organic and effective herbal results. If you’re not intaking chemicals or conventional medicines, try the herbal product. And, we’ve covered your back. Feel free to share your thoughts toward the herbal shop. Have you ever visited a herb shop? Share your thoughts with us.

Herbal Products

Herbal Products

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