Health Tip 102: Cucumbers

Health Tip 102: Cucumbers

Living a healthy life closer to nature has been a major concern for modern as well as people with a traditional mindset, in order to strengthen their immune system. Healthy life starts from nature by consuming healthy and fresh foods free from coloring additives, preservatives, pesticides and other chemical substances. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can be a way to stay healthy and there is a wide variety of fruits and veggies which give many benefits to humans if consumed regularly. This in Tibb-e-Unani (Greek Medicine) is called ‘Ilaaj Bil Ghiza’ which is arabic for treatment through diet.

There are lots of easy-to-obtain fruits and veggies in the market to help keep body in good physical shape and free from diseases. One of the easily cultivated vegetables with high health benefits is cucumber. Cucumber, (Cucumis sativus) is one of the most common vegetable to be found worldwide. It is easy to nurture, and needs only a short period of time to harvest. Surprisingly, it has so many health benefits and is often referred to as a super food.

There are at least six health benefits you get from eating cucumbers:

1.      Vitamin B Source

For people having intolerable stress from work or from daily routines, consuming cucumbers can really help to ease the pressure. Cucumbers contain high vitamin B that helps people get rid of stress, reduce anxiety, decrease depression, strengthen the memory, lessen pre-menstrual syndrome and even diminish the risks of heart attack. Consume cucumbers and you will not need cigarettes or drugs to relax.

2.      Dehydration Preventer

There are many varieties of cucumbers and all of them contain 95% water which is needed by the human body to prevent dehydration. Eating more cucumbers everyday helps our body rehydrate and also helps the process of detoxification in our body.  Consuming cucumbers with its skin every day suffices the daily needs of vitamins and people eating cucumbers regularly will have radiant skin as the need for vitamin C is fulfilled.

3.      Anti Cancer Agent

Cancer is the first of the deadliest diseases people are afraid of. Luckily, by eating cucumbers we can stay away from any frightening cancers such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other types of malignant cells.  The three lignin’s in cucumber, pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol are proven to be effective to prevent cancers.

4.      Diabetes, Cholesterol, and BP controller 

Modern people really have big problems with their eating habits and lifestyle which cause disorders such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and also high level of glucose in their blood which eventually leads to diabetes. Cucumber is rich with sterols, potassium, fiber and magnesium which are beneficial to treat those health problems.  Sterol can help reduce high cholesterol while the other substances can help regulate blood pressure. Arthritis Pain Reliever

The older we are, the less elastic our joints become. Older people will experience problems with their joints such as gout and arthritis pain. As cucumbers contain silica which strengthens the connective tissues, eating them can promote better and healthier joints. There will be no more pain in the joints if we consume cucumbers regularly.

5.    Weight Loss Agent

Another side effect of modern life style is obesity. There are more and more people who become obese and it is dangerous because obesity triggers many kinds of diseases.  Cucumbers have high content of water and very low calories so it is a great food if you are on a diet. Its high fiber will also work well in our digestion systems to prevent constipation. Losing weight can be easier by consuming cucumbers.  

Maximize the Benefit
The most effective form by which all these benefits can be achieved is making cucumber juice. If made into juice, cucumbers can create a hormone which helps pancreas cells to produce insulin to treat diabetes. Juice are a very immediate form of treatment. Experiments have shown the nutrients from natural juices enter the blood stream within fifteen minutes of consumption. If you feel cucumber juice is not right for you then add an apple to the recipe. Cucumber and apple juice will easily get you addicted.

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